Thursday Thoughts

Hi Friends!  Happy Thursday!

Today is my Friday so it’s a pretty good day!  Eight hours and two Jazzercise classes stand between me and a long weekend.  This is actually the first of three long weekends that I have in a row.  I have no idea how that shaped up to be my schedule, but I’ll take it!  Today, I’m just here to ramble and share some thoughts for this hot and summery Thursday.

**Thunderstorms have been an every day occurrence around here.


This picture was taken from our kitchen at work…and I think I take a picture like this almost every afternoon.  I guess you can really say it’s summer when the humidity is always 100% and storms pop up in minutes!

**I cannot stop eating this hummus.


Cilantro Lime.  Seriously, best flavor ever.  I could put cilantro in and on everything I eat and would be totally content with my life.  However, that would be kind of ridiculous so I’ll just try to squeeze it in here and there.  This hummus…one of my favorite ways to indulge in my obsession!

**Getting new workout gear is the best!


A coworker of mine ordered some workout tanks from Old Navy and didn’t like the way they fit when they finally were delivered.  She was heading to the store to return them after work but asked me if I wanted to check them out before she did. They were perfect…exactly my size and my preferred style!  I picked up three new workout tanks without even stepping foot online or in a store.  What a great way to shop!

**We have been enjoying farm-fresh eggs.


One of our neighbors is house-sitting for a friend of hers and she happens to also have chickens that she has to take care of.  She has been collecting eggs and sharing them with us and the rest of our neighbors and we are so appreciative!  Fresh food is the best…you know exactly where it’s coming from and it’s right from the source!

**Seriously…how cute is my grandpap?


My pap turned 91 this past Monday.  This hat was our gift to him.  One of Lee’s colleagues went to Georgia this year to attend the Master’s golf tournament and Lee asked him to get a hat for my grandfather.  We were so excited when he brought it home and we couldn’t wait to pass it along to my pap!  I took this pic to send to Lee because he was working during his birthday party…like I said when I posted this pic on Instagram…my pap is one pretty amazing person.

Alright, guys!  I’m off!  I’m sure I’m currently swamped at work but I just have to remember…it’s technically TGIF around here!

Happy Almost Weekend!

Something to share: Any interesting thoughts currently running through your head?  What is your favorite fresh summer food?


2 Responses to Thursday Thoughts

  1. lindsay says:

    oh your grandpa is adorable!!! love the hat!! hehe. and i just got old navy gear too, impressed!

  2. Have an amazing long weekend! And your grandpa is so cute. Happy Birthday to him!

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