Sunny Side Up

Good morning!  How’s your week going so far?

I’m easing into mine pretty well since I have the day off today!  In addition to me being off, the hubs is off, as well, which never happens so I’m looking forward to spending the day together.  Right now, he is still sound asleep in bed…which is okay.  He works super hard and has crazy hours so when he has the chance to actually rest I try not to disturb him…even though on our days off I like to wake up at 7am and then ask him when he would like to get his day started.  When I do that, however, I am usually answered with some type of grumble while he rolls over and turns his back to me.  It’s cool, though.  I can occupy myself…thank goodness for episodes of Bar Rescue.

P.S.  Do any of you watch Bar Rescue?  I discovered it last fall and have been obsessed ever since!

As soon as I woke up this morning, my mind turned to breakfast because I was starving!  There are some days when I wake up and don’t even think about food, however, this morning was not one of those mornings.  Recently, I have been loving dippy eggs with toast and today was no different.  I tend to go through stages with my breakfasts and, apparently, right now, I’m on the egg train.


I plan on making a pretty spectacular to-do list today.  I have some plans for the house and I’m hoping to rope Lee into helping!  He’ll be so excited when he wakes up to a list of things to do!  Our house is pretty small (we only have two bedrooms) and I have to do some cleaning up and organizing.  I rearranged our bedroom today and I plan on tackling the spare room today.  Right now, it’s the room where I get ready in the morning and where I throw things that temporarily need homes…and I plan on changing that.  We used to have it as a second bedroom and I think we are planning on changing back into that.  However, that will require us to drag our extra bed from the garage into the house and it’s pretty snowy outside so I’m not sure how Lee will feel about that.  We shall see!

Okay.  Enough chatting.  I’m off to make and then tackle that list of mine!

See you later!

Something to share:  Do you have a favorite home organization tip?  Please share!


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  1. My apartment needs and organization overhaul. Last night I started working on my shoes. Baby steps! Hope you enjoyed your day off! :)

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