Rescuing Frankie

Hi friends!  Welcome to Wednesday!

I originally planned on posting a recipe that I threw together yesterday with my eyes closed and my fingers crossed.  I had a plan, then had to make another plan, and then had to make another plan.  Thankfully, everything turned out to be delicious…and I’ll share that with you guys tomorrow!

For today, however, I want to share another story of a little pup that needed our help.  If you aren’t caught up on our past rescue missions, you can catch up on them here:

Max and Bullet

(our rescued Rosie with her big brother, Jet)

…and, now, we have Frankie.

On Monday, the weather got crazy and the temperature dropped pretty drastically.  Every newscast from last week and the weekend emphasized the record-breaking low temperatures that we were going to experience and the actions and precautions that everyone needed to take…and not take lightly.  The most important of all the warnings was to stay inside and not venture out unless it was totally necessary…and that included pets, too.

Moving onto our story…on Monday, after I got home from work, Lee and I braved the dropping temperatures to grab a few things for the next couple of days.  As we were driving, we saw a little black and white dog trot out into the middle of the road and then retreat back to the side.  Thankfully, there was no one else around so we stopped the car, I threw on my four-ways, and Lee hopped out to grab it.  We are old pros when it comes to this!  The dog ran right to him and slathered kisses all over his face and he got back in the car and we pulled off into a nearby parking lot.  Fortunately, there was a tag with the name of the pup along with the name and number of the owner.  The pup’s name was Frankie and she was just the sweetest little thing!  She was so friendly and so happy!


We tried the number.  No answer.  No voicemail set up.
We tried the number a second time.  No answer.  Still no voicemail set up.

We waited a little bit and started to contemplate what our plan was if we could not get in touch with the owner.  There really was not much of a contemplation…she, of course, would have to come home with us and stay warm with our pups!  After a few more minutes, we tried the number again and someone answered!  We were still very close to the area where we found her and learned that the owner was a teenage girl, named Kassie, whose family lived right across the road from where we picked her up!  We told Kassie would drive Frankie back and be there in a few minutes.

As we drove back, we saw a young girl and her little brother on the corner of their house waiting for us.  As soon as we pulled up, Frankie started whining and squirming…she was so excited…and so were her owners!  It turns out that they put her out on a tie for her to go do her business just a little while before we found her.  We are assuming that, because of the cold weather, the latch on the leash did not close the entire way.  Regardless of what happened, we were so happy that we saw her shortly after she had escaped and she was not out in the cold for very long!  It’s always a great feeling to reunite a great little pup with their great family!

Hopefully, Frankie stayed close to home and did not go on any other cold weather adventures after we left!

If you have animals, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have tags with information on them.  While we have been lucky to find the families of all of the dogs we have found, having a contact makes it so much easier!

With warm and toasty thoughts!


4 Responses to Rescuing Frankie

  1. So glad you stopped and picked her up! :)

  2. Glad you guys found her and were able to bring her back to her owners! It is BRUTAL out!

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