Weekend Ups and Downs

Good morning, friends!  How was your weekend!?  We have been having some beautiful weather here in PA and I am happy to announce that it finally feels like summer is on its way!


This past weekend was definitely full of many ups but, unfortunately, also filled with a major down.  Last week, a K-9 police officer, Lieutenant Eric Eslary, from the nearby town of Ligonier, was killed in a vehicle accident.  He was on-duty with his canine, Blek, who was also injured in the accident, but expected to make a full recovery.  Lee, a couple of his fellow officers, and I attended Lt. Eslary’s funeral on Saturday, which was one of the hardest things to go through.  Any loss to a department is hard to deal with but the fact that he was young and such a pillar in his small community, it felt exceptionally difficult.  The amount of love, respect, and support showed from the local community was amazing and was really an example of what a positive influence Lt. Eslary had on everyone he came in contact with.  The law enforcement and emergency responder bond runs deep and it’s always hard when we have to say goodbye to a member.

(Lieutenant Eslary and Blek during a K-9 demonstration we attended a few weeks ago)

Later Saturday afternoon, I had plans to meet up with my friend, Liz, for an early dinner and drinks.  Coincidentally, as I was pulling out of the parking lot where I parked for the funeral, I saw Liz waiting there in her car.  She was waiting to meet her mom because she was keeping her girls for the night!  It was so weird that we both happened to be in the same parking lot at the same time in a town where neither of us live!  When her mom came, we all went and had lunch together and, then, I went home to grab some clothes and headed up to her house.  We grabbed dinner, did some shopping, and met other friends out later for drinks.  We had a blast and it was nice to get together and spend the entire evening together!

Sunday morning, Lee and I woke up bright and early and he informed me that he and the dogs were treating me to a round of golf for Mother’s Day.  Lee told me that Jet and Rosie came up with the idea but I have a feeling that he wanted to be on the golf course, too, so I wasn’t buying it.  Anyway, we went out and played a quick round and, then, we headed home and went our separate ways.  We had a Mother’s Day Sunday dinner planned at my grandparents’ house and Lee was taking his mom out for lunch.  The rest of our day was spent with our moms and the other women we love and it couldn’t have been better!!




I hope you were all able to enjoy your weekend and spent it with those you love!


Something to share:  Did you do anything special for Mother’s Day?  What did you do this weekend?…tell me one of your “ups”!!

Happy Birthday, Hubs

Hi everyone!

I have a ton to blog about but, today, I just want to pop in to wish the handsome guy in my life the happiest of birthdays!


He means more to me than he’ll ever know and I am so thankful to have him in my life!  He is my hero, the best dad to our pups, and, most importantly, he puts up with me…which is no easy task!

Happy Birthday, Hubs!!  I hope you have the best day ever!!