Last Glimpse of Vacation

Hello and good morning!

The sun is shining today and it was a cool and crisp morning…you know, like a perfect Fall morning?  I have been resisting and trying to keep summer around as long as possible but, today, I broke out some pumpkin harvest yogurt.  I think I’m giving in…

…but, not totally in.  I’m going to share some of the last memories of our recent vacation.  I was unpacking my suitcase last night and was feeling sad that I was no longer at the beach, having fresh seafood on the boardwalk, and drinking my morning coffee by the pool.  So…let’s step back into last week…and back into summer.

IMG_6995 IMG_6997



IMG_7195 IMG_7197



…okay, I’m done.  Tomorrow, I’ll have more pumpkin yogurt.  Oh, and I’ll also probably eat all of the pumpkin chocolate-chip bars that I made last night!


Something to share:  Are you embracing Fall, yet, or are you holding onto summer?  Do you have a favorite season?…we experience all four, here, in PA, and I love every one!

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Vacation Edition

Hi guys!  How is your week going?  I hope you all have a short one and it’s going well! 

Lee and I are thoroughly enjoying our week away and will be sad when it comes to an end.  It’s great to spend the week at the beach but it’s also great to be able to see Lee’s cousin, who we’re staying with…I always hate having to say goodbye to them! 

Anyway!  Instead of dwelling on the week almost being over, let’s focus on the fun we’ve had so far!  Races, dinner, frozen drinks, pool time, and pedicures….the things that great vacations are made of!! 





I don’t know what’s on the agenda today…I’m thinking maybe lunch and pool time?  Nothing too serious but that’s what we’re looking for!  I hope you guys have a beautiful day!  



Something to share:  Do you have a post-race ritual?  I always need a pedicure because my feet always feel wrecked!  Do you like lounging on the beach?  Lee gets bored soooo quickly so I only made him stay an hour!