Monday Thoughts

Good morning and hello!  I tried to think of some crafty title that used some cool alliteration like “Three Things Thursday,” “Five Fact Friday,” “Wordless Wednesday,” etc…but I just couldn’t come up with anything that conveyed that fact that I just wanted to ramble out some random things on Monday.  So, this is what we get…

Monday Thoughts

…I feel like I did a million things this weekend but didn’t take out my camera once.  I celebrated a friend’s birthday Friday night, taught Jazzercise Saturday morning, met a friend for lunch Saturday afternoon, and attended a birthday party on Sunday and don’t have one picture to document any of it.  Well…I did take this picture of the roads that seriously got bad in ten minutes!


…I feel like I taught one of my best classes on Saturday.  Earlier in the week, I asked a couple of my students for song requests and they came up with a great list!  I included some of their favorites and some of mine and it turned out to be such a fun class that left all the students sweating and breathing heavy!  Mission accomplished!

…I bought a new travel cup which I plan to keep with me at all times filled with water.  I have always struggled with drinking enough water and still do.  Every time I see a new cup that I like, I buy it with the intention of using it to drink more water but the excitement tends to fizzle out in a few days.  However, I am going to try really hard this time!  I promise!!


…Friday night, I plugged in my iPod to download a few new songs onto it.  iTunes would not work and told me it was necessary to update both the software and restore my iPod to factory settings.  It’s always a scary thing to mess with because I have over 1000 routine songs and losing them would be no picnic.  Last time, my system restore turned out fine.  This time, however, it did not.  I worked on it for a couple of hours Friday night and Saturday morning but ended up having to use our emergency iPod at our center to teach my class.  Eventually, I restored everything and now all is right with the world.  Thank.Goodness.


…I just ordered more Winter Wallflower scent bulbs from Bath & Body Works.  Our local groundhog friend, Phil, just predicted six more weeks of winter and I don’t think he was joking!  We were supposed to get about one inch of snow yesterday and, to our surprise, got many more!  I’m pretty sure that it snows for at least a couple minutes every day so I figure I can still get away with the winter fragrances that I love!

…I have absolutely no ideas for dinner this week.  Last week, I feel like I was on fire but, this week, I am struggling for sure.  I know we will have tacos one night (our favorite quick meal) but, other than that, my brain is empty.  Time to break out the cookbooks and check my favorite food blogs!


…I still have to get the hubs something for Valentine’s Day.  He will be working on Friday night so we won’t be able to do dinner or have a date night but I will definitely still give him something special and sweet we will definitely try to plan something for another night when we will be off together.

I wish it was still the weekend.  This whole going to work things really gets on my nerves.

Happy Monday!

Something to share:  Do you have Valentine’s Day plans with your significant other?  Do you have any meals planned for this week?…share your ideas with me!


12 Responses to Monday Thoughts

  1. I still wish it was the weekend too!! I have zero meals planned this week either. I haven’t been terribly inspired in the kitchen lately. Except that my husband and I are going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day!

  2. I wish it was the weekend too! ;)

  3. Carla says:

    at the elementary school.
    hanging with the eight year olds :-)

  4. Kierston says:

    You mean to say the weekend is over ;)

  5. I’m not overly sure what’s going on for Valentine’s Day, but I did say I didn’t want to go out to eat anywhere. I’d rather be at home and avoid the mess of crowds at all the restaurants!!

  6. ahhh I hate when I have probs with itunes/reseting/updating stuff. It stresses me out! haha
    I am anti-valentines day so we dont celebrate or do anything for it typically.
    Buuuut I of course have some meals planned for this week – scallops with asparagus and cous cous, tacos, chicken and veggie stirfry. YUM!

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