It Always Makes Me Feel Better

Hi friends!

Happy Thursday and Groundhog Day!  Being from PA, it’s a pretty important holiday.  Totally kidding, however, I actually live kinda close to Punxsatawney, so I’m always interested in what Phil has to say.  We shall see if we have more winter on the way or if spring will be just around the corner.  Have we even had enough winter to worry about it?  Just sayin’.

So, I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but my posts have been a little lack-luster recently.  If you have, I’m sorry.  If you haven’t…awesome!!  I think the lack of excitement in my posts is stemming from the lack of excitement in my life right now.

If that last sentence wasn’t dramatic enough, I’ll give you another.

Seriously, though.  I have been having a rough couple days at work and cramming in a ton to my days.  Being gone 12+ hours every day has left little to talk about other than…I wake up, I drive to work, I sit at my desk, I drive to Jazzercise, I teach a class, I drive home, I crash out in bed.

Pretty exciting stuff, huh!?

trail 2

My recent down/exhausted mood really spiked yesterday when I had a really bad day at work.  I made a mistake.  Well, our computer made a mistake.  However, it essentially falls back on to my possible mistake.  I know we are all human and mistakes can be made, but I get really down on myself when something like that happens.  Especially at work.  I spent pretty much my whole day worrying about what happened.  It’s nothing super major, but I worry about the smallest things, so it doesn’t take much.

Anyway.  I know who I can turn to make me momentarily forget about my problems…my blog friends!

I want to hand out some link love and share some of my favorite posts from the past couple of days!

Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean – What’s in a Jeans Size

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Jessica at How Sweet It Is – Angel Food Cupcakes

Tina at Best Body Fitness – My Why

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Katie at Healthy Diva Eats – What Diva Loves Wednesday

Check out these posts because these ladies are all pretty fab!!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!  Smile


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How do you handle stress at work?
Are you hard on yourself if you find you made a mistake?


15 Responses to It Always Makes Me Feel Better

  1. katie says:

    You my dear are fab! How sweet, thank you!

    I hope life slows down a little for you! I hope all is well! <3

  2. awww thinking of you girl! hope your days get shorter soon! and thanks for the mention!!!

  3. Rob Fiasco says:

    6 more weeks of winter! Not that the winter has been too bad. But being that i’d spent the last 4 winters in the South, i’ll take a mild NY winter.

  4. I did a post recently about blog friends. They can really be amazing.

  5. Thanks for the love! And I hope today looks up for you. :)

  6. Cindy says:

    Hope things go better for you! Think SPRING! It will lift your spirits & remind you there is always a new beginning. Wash away the bad day with glass of whatever makes you smile, let Jet lick your face all over because he doesn’t care what mistakes you’ve made( I don’t normally like a dog licking my face, but somehow when you are upset-it works & then start the next day knowing you are a wonderful person that can fix what ever mistake was made in the past. Thanks for the other links, I have never gone on them. I love this blog idea-it’s so nice too see I am actually a NORMAL person(some will argue that point) There are subjects you & the others touched on that drive us crazy, but sharing it is such a helpful way to get over it & see how others cope! Keep it up…hope to meet you on a run soon!

  7. Winter blues + busy days = well-deserved day out to treat yourself! Hope you get some downtime soon!
    ….and don’t worry about that mistake at work – you’re human and it happens to us all!! There’s rarely a mistake that can’t be fixed :-)

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