Hello, hello!

So, it looks like a beautiful sunny winter day around here…


…but don’t let that sun fool you.  Right now, it’s clocking in at –8 and that doesn’t include the wind chill.  Brrrrr.  It’s a chilly one out there!  As much as I’m thankful that it’s my late day at work, I know when the time comes for me to head out into the cold, I’ll be dreading it.  I have confessed my love for winter but when it’s this cold outside, I prefer to be snuggled inside with my pups and some hot chocolate.

This morning, a warm breakfast was necessary.  I thought about waffles or pancakes but I just made pancakes for breakfast on Sunday and ate the leftovers for dinner last night (breakfast for dinner = always appropriate) so I figured to go in another direction.  I chose my old-time favorite – Cream of Wheat.


Every time I eat it, it reminds me of breakfasts when I was little.  I swear it was all I ate in the morning before school!  Some tastes never change!  I added a little brown sugar and cinnamon and paired it with a Reliv nutrient shake.  Cozy, warm, and satisfying!

Speaking of cozy, warm, and satisfying…I need new dinner ideas!  The problem I always have when planning our meals is trying to work around our crazy schedule.  It’s very rare for Lee and I to be home together for dinner (unless he has the day off) so I’m always trying to think of things to make that can be reheated well.  When he works until 11pm, I don’t mind staying up and making him dinner, however, that is far too late for me to be eating, so I will usually already have eaten something different earlier in the evening.  While that’s not a big deal, it’s a little silly to prepare dinner two times in one night.  Other times, Lee will work until 4am or 7am and will only have the option of reheating something since I don’t wake up to make him dinner.  Sorry, hubby.


I tend to make a lot of soups along with dishes like lasagna or stuffed peppers, which are all easy to reheat and actually taste good when doing so!  While I have a collection of old favorites, I’m looking revamp some of the dinners that I put on the table (or that Lee puts on the coffee table at 5am!).   I am looking for ideas for make-ahead meals that can be popped in the oven quickly or ones that refrigerate or freeze well so please share away!  My hubby’s stomach will thank you!

Stay warm, friends!

Something to share: What are your favorite meals that refrigerate or freeze well and make great leftovers?  Please link to any recipes in the comments!


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  1. I stumbled on this from SELF to try (next week) and since you’re in the same boat, I figured I’d pass it along!


    I don’t mind winter, but can it stop being below zero? OVER IT.

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