Above and Beyond

Morning Friends!  I hope you are having a nice little Saturday!

cue Old School reference Smile with tongue out

I was up nice and early today because I had some extra work to do.  Yesterday, I had a client call our office and he was in the process of possibly purchasing a motorcycle.  He needed insurance to pick it up, which was not a problem (I work at an insurance agency, in case you didn’t already know that), however, the fact that he was going to the dealership today was a problem.  Our office is not open on Saturdays and the dealership was already closed last night, so there was no way for me to get his proof of insurance to him.

I asked him where the dealership was and, coincidentally, he had to drive through my neighborhood to get to the dealership, which was weird, because this customer and I live 45 minutes away from each other.  Perfect!  I just made a plan to meet him on his way through and give him all of his paperwork!  We really try to go above and beyond for our customers and I think it really shows…or at least we hope it does!

Before I left to meet him, I had two dippy eggs with some toast.  One of our other customers has a farm and regularly brings eggs into the office for us.  I would much rather help a local farmer friend than buy my eggs at the grocery store.


I ate before I met my customer because I was hoping to be able to meet him early enough that would leave me enough time to rush off to step class.  Unfortunately, I met him right as class was starting, so I just skipped.  I didn’t’ want to run in late and disrupt everyone…however, I’ll be heading to Body Pump at 10:30, so I’ll still squeeze a class in today!

On my way home from my ‘drop’ (my co-worker and I kept calling the meeting a ‘drop’ because meeting a random guy in a parking lot on a Saturday morning sounds a little sketch), I stopped at the post office and was pleasantly surprised to see what came in the mail….

Race registration forms!!


I ran three out of the five of these local races last summer and I’m hoping to do all five this year.  I just want to fill them all out right now!  Or…I could probably calm down and wait.  Yeah.  I’ll probably do that.

Alright, everyone!  I’m off to Pump!  Enjoy your Saturday!  Smile

Have you ever gone above and beyond for work?
Any races lined up for the spring/summer?


One Response to Above and Beyond

  1. Talk about some serious customer service. You DEFINITELY go above and beyond lady!!!

    I LOVE dippy eggs. One of my favorite things, probably ever :-D

    So psyched to hear all about all of your races, you’re going to do great!

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