One Year of Happiness


Today, my favorite police officer and I celebrate our one year anniversary… I am so thankful I have him in my life and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. This year has flown by and we have had some ups and downs but, in the … Keep Reading….


Absolutely Beautiful


This weekend was bea.u.ti.ful.  There was really no other word to describe it. The past few days have included a baby shower, a day of relaxation, a morning on the golf course, a 62nd wedding anniversary, a family picnic at my parents’, and …yard work.  Some things were more fun … Keep Reading….

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Happy Memorial Day


A  beautiful day for a beautiful holiday… I hope you are all enjoying this weekend with the ones you love.  Thank you to all of those who have served, serve now, and will serve in the future.  You are truly the real meaning of today. Happy Memorial Day! Kelly

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Fun Friday–Life by #Hashtag


Morning, friends!  It’s Friday and a long weekend.  Seriously.  Is there anything better? Here’s a recap of life brought to you by our friend, the #hashtag… …#myfavoriteflavor …#myhusbandismygolfcoach …#stillsunnyat830 …#theweedswontstop …#cerealfordinner …#electricbluepants #weekendJazzerciseteaching TGIF!!!  Enjoy your long holiday weekend! Happy Summer! Kelly Something to share:  What hashtags describe your life … Keep Reading….

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Lemon and Dill Roasted Potatoes


I’m one of those people that need to order four or five different courses when I go out to dinner.  I like to get an appetizer, and a salad, and a cup of soup, and an entree…with some bread on the side. I just really love food and I can … Keep Reading….


Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas


Growing up, taco night was the best night in our house. I don’t exactly know what it was about it.  My mom was, and still is, an awesome cook and I absolutely love almost everything she makes.  Every lunch and dinner was always so good (with the exception of anything … Keep Reading….


My Favorite ‘Non-Workout’ Workout


Hello and good morning!  Middle of the week.  Ahhhh….downward slope from here! Yesterday, I did one of those things that really doesn’t count as a planned workout or one that is timed, thought about, or scheduled on a calendar.  You know those kind of workouts.  The ones that are super … Keep Reading….

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A Nice Sunny Day?


Good morning! I have a day off from work and it’s looking like it might turn out to be pretty nice.  We are in the middle of a forecast full of ‘possible thunderstorms’ so I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to get myself into today.  It had rained last … Keep Reading….

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A Sweet Little Mother’s Day Weekend


Hello!  Welcome to another week! I’m hoping that everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was spent with the people I love the most and that’s really all I could ever ask for! Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day here and was one of the first that reached up into the … Keep Reading….

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Sunday Morning Coffee – Chat 4


Good morning, friends!  Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve been a little absent and, actually, missed our morning coffee chat last Sunday…but there have been some changes that have recently happened that, I”m hoping, will get me back on my old semi-regular schedule.  So, shall we get to chatting … Keep Reading….

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