Celebrating Chase

Celebrating Chase

Hi friends! Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a stellar weekend and are surviving the weather where you are! I only say that because here, in Pennsylvania, we have been caught in a whirlwind of snow that just won’t quit. You really won’t hear me complaining because I really love the white stuff but I know that it can be really difficult for others…especially our neighbor who plows our driveway!! He is running out of places to put it!  Also, I’m not going to lie…it does get tiring having to shovel off the sidewalk every single time I walk outside.  Oh well.  It’s winter in PA.  We should expect nothing less.

Thankfully, the weather did not interrupt the great plans that I had yesterday!  My best friend, Christa, is expecting a baby boy in March and yesterday we had her shower.  The day was put together by both grandmas (Christa’s and Mike’s moms) and it was, honestly, the best shower I have ever attended!  Baby Boy will be named Chase and will be introduced to all things ‘baseball’ when he enters the world!  Both Christa and Mike are huge sports fans and a baseball theme fits perfectly with their growing family.  Christa’s mom outdid herself with incorporating the baseball theme into the shower.  I know there were many hours spent pinning, planning, and crafting.

Here are some of the great touches:

 (baseball cupcake tower)


 (pennant name/menu cards)


(concession stand snacks)

(teddy bear/baseball diaper centerpieces)

We had a wonderful lunch that included a choice of almond-crusted tilapia or chicken ramano.  Each meal started with a cup of wedding soup and a salad.  I had the tilapia and it was nothing short of amazing.  It was served with a parsley baked potato and corn.  I definitely cleaned my plate (even though that’s nothing unusual for me!).  After lunch, we were served a cupcake and were given a baseball cookie as a favor.  After dinner, Christa opened the many gifts she had received and then we were on our way!

The day was filled with so much joy and love while we celebrated Baby Chase.  He is going to enter this world and be loved so much…he isn’t even here yet and our hearts are already overflowing!  It was a wonderful day and now…we wait.  Five more weeks to go!

With a full heart,

Something to share:  Did you do anything fun this past weekend?  How is your weather?…snow or not?

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