Five Friday Favorites

Five Friday Favorites

Hi guys!  TGIF, right!?

Fridays are always the time for fun and favorite things…well, at least in this crazy little world of mine.  So, let’s roll with it and check out some of my favorite things right now!

1.  A clean mantle.


I am that girl.  The one that hates for Christmas to be over.  My tree is always up until at least the second week in January and I just took down my stockings from the mantle this past Tuesday.  It always makes so so sad.  However…once everything is down and put away?  BEST.FEELING.EVER.  Am I right!?

2.  Our cold weather.


I love where I live.  I mean, sure, living on a tropical island somewhere without a care in the world sounds good, too, but if I have to stay in reality, I’ll stay here.  I love our weather patterns and how we get to experience all four seasons.  And, I love winter.  I love snow.  I love snuggling up in cozy clothes.  I love warming up with a cup of hot chocolate.  Oh, and that picture above?  That’s just me with my big puffy coat and my baggy sweatpants tucked into my Uggs…which is the way I leave my Jazzercise classes.  I am always so cold when I’m done working out so I bundle up like Randy from The Christmas Story when I head out the door.  My students already know I’m weird so it’s totally cool.

3.  My summer clearance shoes.


While I just confessed my love for winter, I’ll continue with my secrets and tell you that I also can’t wait to start wearing warm weather clothes.  I bought these shoes on clearance about a month ago and cannot wait to be able to bust them out!  I did wear them when I hosted Christmas dinner at my house…with cropped yoga pants.  Yeah, I’m pretty fancy.

4.  Reliv dietary supplement.

image (1)

My aunt is a nurse and works for a family that introduced her to the Reliv line of products.  She instantly fell in love and quickly shared the wealth with my family.  Somehow, as usual, I was the last to know what was going on and just started using it this past weekend.  Apparently, my aunt, my parents, and my grandparents have all experienced positive effects from using it, including a decrease in joint pain along with an increase in energy.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it…so I bummed some from my mom in little shady containers while I wait for mine to arrive…and, I must say that I’m loving it and can’t wait to see how I’ll feel after continuing to use it!

5.  New wrist jewelry.

image (2)

For Christmas, Lee got me a leather Pandora…which I had totally been obsessing over.  I also recently bought a new watch and cute infinity bracelet in rose gold from the little boutique that is under our Jazzercise center.  It’s a dangerous place and it takes all of my willpower to not walk in when I leave after teaching.

…and those are a few of my favorite things.

Enjoy your Friday!

Something to share:  Tell me something that would make your current favorites list!  If you live where there is cold weather, do you like it?

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  1. I like the crown bead!
    I don’t mind the cold and snow in WI, but these freezing days of extreme wind chills make for a tough walk to and from work!!

  2. I always read, but never comment. I have to say I really needed to read #2. Ill be moving from Texas to illinois and of course I’m terrified of the weather up there. Ill remember what you wrote in hopes of turning my hatred for it around.
    PS. Let me just say that in S. TX today its raining and 29 degrees and schools are closed and people are staying home. We don’t know how to drive on icy roads. :(

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