I Did It!

Heeey Everyone!!!  It’s over and I did it! 

I finished my 10K today in 55:40.  Lee finished right in front of me in 55:27. 

I woke up today and I was a nervous wreck.  I have no idea why!  All I was doing was running.  I wasn’t trying to come in first and I really have no personal time doing 10Ks so I wasn’t even trying to set any personal records!  I woke up super early and just tossed and turned until I eventually just made myself get out of bed and start to get ready.  Lee rolled out of bed and just threw his clothes on and was ready to go.  He is so laid back.  Meanwhile, on the way there, I felt like I was on the way to give a speech in front of a million people.  I tend to be a worrier and sometimes let my anxiety get the best of me. 

Like I said, I am not even sure why I was so nervous.  I think the main reason I was worried was because I didn’t know what to expect of the course.  When I run at home, I know my routes and I know how long they are and I know how long I have to go until I reach my planned distance.  On an unknown course, I feel like I am just running and have no destination.  Also, I tend to psych myself out and tell myself that everyone else at the race is an elite marathoner and I am going to come in last place.  I know that is ridiculous but I always tend to have crazy thoughts run through my head! 

We arrived and picked up our bags and got our numbers.  Lee was 11 and I was 12.  Apparently, we registered super early!? Geez!  Our shirts turned out to be long-sleeved and I was totally pumped because I was expecting a t-shirt, so it was an awesome surprise!!  (It’s the little things…LOL!)

The forecast earlier in the week predicted that it was supposed to be sunny and 60°.  Not so.  It was in the 40s and it was windy.  Like really windy. I had a cute pink running tank on (that matched my shoes, of course) and I was worried about being too hot if I wore my long-sleeved running shirt. Not so.  I thought I was going to turn into a popsicle waiting for the race to start! 

Lee and I before the race

Most of the race ended up taking place on a road at the bottom of a hill so, fortunately, there wasn’t any wind down there.  I got warm during the middle, but not warm enough to take off my long-sleeve, so I was pretty comfortable the entire race, which was good. 

{P.S. I was totally prepared last night (I thought) by having all of my clothes together, my iPod charged, and my playlist made.  I have the Nike+ chip that works with my iPod and the chip in my shoe.  I went to start my iPod at the start line and it told me it was searching for a receiver.  I FORGOT TO PLUG THE NIKE RECEIVER INTO MY IPOD!  I’M AN IDIOT!!  UGH!!  So, I had no way to tell my distance or my time other than listening to the people calling out my time at the mile markers.  Oh well…not a big deal, but still frustrating since I felt so prepared!}

Speaking of the race taking place at the bottom of a hill…
During Mile 1, we were running down this tremendous hill.  Instead of focusing on what I was currently doing, all I was thinking about was the fact that I knew eventually we would be running back up this tremendous hill.  I pushed that from my mind and was trekking along at a pretty good pace during the race.  I felt like I lost a little bit of steam when we got to a dead end, which was our turn around point.  It was downhill to the turn around point and after I looped, I felt like I slowed down as I started back up the incline.  Lee actually said he felt like I picked up my speed at that point, so maybe my feet were just feeling really heavy and that’s why I feel like I slowed down.  We continued on and finally reached the hill to head back up toward the finish line.

This picture does not do the incline of the hill justice!

 As we started up, I just buckled down, put my head down, and pumped my legs.  We passed Mile 5 in the middle and I knew we were in the homestretch.  When we reached the top I felt like the Rocky theme music should have been playing and I should have been jumping around doing fist pumps in the air.  That didn’t happen.  We ran back into the parking lot and Lee said we had to go once around the track there and that was it.  Well,  I am thinking an oval track around a football field.  Not so.  It was this windy walking track that felt like it was never doing to end.  In the very last stretch, where I should have gained a ton of steam, I actually fell behind Lee because I picked up my pace so much when we first got back to the lot because I thought we were close to the finish line.  I motioned for him to go on ahead of me.  I could tell he was ready to sprint to the finish.  He shook his head ‘no’ and then all of a sudden I looked up and he had taken off, leaving me in the dust!  It was okay.  I only finished a couple of seconds behind him.  He told me after the race that he thought I told him to run faster so I would try and keep up and run faster myself.  Again, not so.  I was spent! 

I crossed the finish line!  I did it! I did, however, get clobbered at the finish line as some lady plowed into me from behind and I think that was the worst part of my race! 

 Our friend, Mike, ran the race as well.  He’s a pro runner and finished before us. 

 We all went in for the best part of races:


I ended up coming in 4th in my age group.  The 3rd place winner came in at 55:02.  Of course, all I can think about is how if only I would have picked up my pace in a few places I could have possibly placed.  That’s just how I am.  I’m competitive!  However, it was almost a 40 second difference, so even if I would have run faster, I might not have run fast enough to close that gap. 

Overall, I am SO happy with my performance.  It was only my second race ever and my first 10K.  It was my longest distance ever!  I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I was finished! 

After the awards were given out we headed out for a busy day.  We stopped at a the car dealership and found a car we like!  Lee will be wheeling and dealing with that on Monday!  I’m excited!  After car shopping, we grabbed a quick lunch of BBQ Chicken Pizza.  Deee-lish!!  We then headed off to Lee’s 3-on-3 basketball tournament.  Unfortunately, we didn’t know it was an “all age group” tournament, so it started at 3PM but Lee’s age group didn’t play until 6PM!!  We spent 4 hours in a high school gym!  I was still in my running clothes!  What a long day! 

I’m about to hit the shower and Lee is sleeping on the couch.  I don’t blame him…he did all of this on two hours of sleep!  What a trooper! 

Once again, I want to thank you all for all of your kind words and support!  I know part of my motivation for finishing with an awesome time was so that I would have a good post for all of you!  While I didn’t finish exactly in the amount of time I wanted to, I completed my first 10K and have run my longest distance!  No complaints here! 

I hope you all had an awesome Saturday and I’m sorry if this post got a little long-winded!  I could even give you more details, but I know you have other things to do!  Thanks for being there and I’ll catch up with you all lata!!!  😉

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    1. Haha! There is actually a 10K next weekend at my alum college that I am considering doing, but I think I am going to see if I can get out of bed tomorrow first! 😉

  1. Congratulations on a great run – placing 4th is amazing!! I would have run 10K too if I could have had some of those cookies afterwards — those are some of my faves!

    Hope you are able to fit in some R & R tomorrow after such a long day :-)

  2. What you didn’t make anything on race day? I feel so let down…LOL Awesome job Kelly! You are an inspiration, I will never do a 10 K, but you got me doing about 3 miles & eating some oh so delicious food!
    Keep ip the blog & the running. NOW the important stuff-80 degrees on SUNDAY / Get the bikes fired up!

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