Just Hanging On

Just Hanging On

Happy Thursday, Friends!  :-)

Another end of the week is upon us and I couldn’t be happier.  Tuesday morning, after I got to work, I started to feel like I was coming down with something.

You know how you just get that feeling in your throat?
You know how you sneeze that one random sneeze that starts everything?

That was me.

My throat felt tight and a little scratchy and, while I was trying to drink a ton of water, nothing was helping.  A little later in the afternoon, I started to feel an ache in my lower back.  Ugh.  That’s usually my sign that I definitely have something.  I popped a Zicam and hoped that the Vitamin C would work it’s magic.

I left work late and didn’t get home until almost 8pm, but decided to see if I could get a quick run in anyway.  I figured I would just start out and see how I felt.

2 miles.  Eh.  It is what it is.

I actually wanted to stop before I even got to the one mile mark, but I just kept going.  I had the worst burning feeling in my throat and have not felt that bad during a run in a loooong time.  Running down my road to my driveway was the best.feeling.ever.  Well, maybe I should re-phrase that…stopping and walking up my driveway was the best.feeling.ever.

After I got in, I got a hot shower and whipped up something to eat.  I had leftovers from the taco night that we had before, so I threw everything in with some brown rice and ate it along left over taco shells.  Of course, I don’t have a picture of it, because that’s just typical…I was hungry.

I got into bed earlier than usual and actually felt better when I woke up yesterday morning.  I was not 100%, but better.  I made it through my short day of work, taught a Jazzercise class, and then ended my day with a two mile walk on the trail by our house with Jet, my friend, Bridget, and her dog, Emma.  It was near 80 degrees here yesterday and the dogs were acting less than enthused about their walk.

Bridget sent me this picture of Emma when they got home…

Jet didn’t look much different.  I think we can deem the walk successful!

Alright, this post is getting long-winded and I’m rambling on about nothing.  Today, my goal is to ingest some Vitamin C, drink a lot of water, and hang on to the healthy side of the fence that I’m clinging to.  Bridget and I are running a 5K on Saturday and I want to be feeling 100%!

Do you do anything special when you feel yourself getting sick?
Anyone running any races this weekend?  Good luck to everyone I know running the Pittsburgh Marathon!

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  1. Have you ever tried ColdFX? It’s here in Canada, but I’m not sure if it’s available in the States. It’s expensive worth every single penny.

    Good luck on your run – hope you feel 110% by then!

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