Happy Birthday, Pap!

Happy Birthday to my grandfather!  He is 88 years old today! 

[this picture is from last November when my gram turned 79]

Aren’t my grandparents just the cutest!?  My grandfather is one of the most amazing people I know.  He still actively helps out at his church, cuts grass, shovels snow and gardens, in addition to a million other things!  He is a quiet man that absolutely astounds us with the witty things he does say when he speaks up!  He always has us laughing and gives us all more love than we deserve!  I can only hope that my life is as long and as healthy as his! 

Happy Birthday, Pap!  I love you!  😀

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  1. The way you talk about your family explains alot about you! You certainly are proud of them & can tell you are following in their footsteps! the love you have for them is awsome! Hope you get to see him & celebrate this special day!

  2. Happy Birthday Pap! Your gram looks at the camera as well as your momma does haha :) But, they are certainly awesome ladies!

  3. That picture is so sweet, I love seeing older couples who love and take care of each other, such good role models.

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