Weekends of Summer

Weekends of Summer

So, I know that summer is not officially here, yet, but once Memorial Day weekend rolls around, I consider summer to be in full force!  Although we had some pretty mean storms roll through yesterday, the weekend was beautiful and full of all kinds of fun summer activities!


Friday night, I attended a painting event called “Paint and Pinot” with my friend (and fellow Jazzercise instructor) Darlene and her daughter, Amanda, at a small boutique that is in the downstairs of the building where our center is.  This was the second one that Darlene and I had gone to and we knew we would have a great time because we had so much fun at the first one.  The theme of the painting for this session was ‘Sunset Beach’ and we packed a cooler with pitchers of homemade sangria…perfect summer evening with friends!




Saturday morning and afternoon was spent with my mom because she actually had the day off of work!  We went to our local farmer’s market for the first time this season and, as usual, it didn’t disappoint!  I picked up some homemade pepperoni rolls from a local Italian restaurant, lemon pizelles from a sweet old man whose wife makes the best, chicken-flavored dog biscuits for the pups, cilantro lime hummus (to die for), and blueberry lemonade (also to die for).  There aren’t a lot of veggies out, yet, but the flowers and homemade goods were plentiful and provided many opportunities for me to want to buy everything I was seeing.

IMG_4028  IMG_4027

Later in the evening, I cut the grass and waited for Lee to get home so we could head over to our friend’s house for a bonfire.  There were burgers, hot dogs, roasted marshmallows, and s’mores.  Oh, and wine and friends.  Hel-lo favorite part of summer!



Sunday was spent with my favorite guy at our favorite place…the golf course, of course.  We played eighteen holes and I actually did well!  It was a beautiful day and there were not a lot of people out, which is perfect for me since playing in front of others makes me so nervous because I’m not very good.  Yesterday, however, I played my best round and think that I have actually begun to make some strides toward perfecting my swing…and my mental game.  Golf for me is all in my head.  Yes, there are technical things you must learn but my main problem is relaxing and not over thinking everything…and yesterday, was a great day for me to just breathe, relax, and play like I know how.  I got my lowest score and spent quality time with the hubs…win-win!

IMG_4032  IMG_4033

Today, it’s back to reality but, thankfully, I work with some pretty amazing people.  Mondays and work don’t seem so bad when you love who you get the spend the day with, right!?  I hope all of your Mondays are smooth sailing and that you are getting to embrace summer where you are!

Sending warm and sunny wishes,

Something to share:  What is your favorite summer activity?  Are you a fan of s’mores?

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  1. What a fun weekend! I have seen SO many of my friends (online and in real life) take part of those evening painting parties and they look like SO MUCH FUN! :)

    I do like s’mores… but only when camping. Otherwise I could pass on it :)

    My favorite summer activity is swimming… hanging out at a beach. :)

    Have fun in SF! It is supposed to be a gorgeous week for it. I will be there again on Saturday for a fitness event. Will you be in town?

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