One Year Anniversary Weekend

One Year Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend was perfect.  I celebrated one year of marriage with the love of my life and enjoyed every minute!  Here’s a little photo recap of the weekend…

We spent four wonderful days on the golf course (well, wonderful in the sense that I was having fun with the hubs…it was not so wonderful in the sense that my golf game is terrible).



We spent Saturday night dining outside at one of our favorite restaurants sharing our favorite dishes which included Parmesan truffle fries, sangria and dulce de leche cheesecake.  With a sparkler.  Seriously…the cheesecake…to die for.  I could just live in a house made of it.










We also spent some time grabbing drinks with friends, having dinner with my parents, and sharing the top of our wedding cake, which was still as delicious as ever!  I am so thankful that Lee was able to have the weekend off so we could celebrate.  The weather, company, atmosphere, and days were beautiful and we couldn’t have ask for a better first anniversary!

One down…a million more to go!

Back to reality at work,

Something to share:  If you are married, how did you spend your first anniversary?  Any golfers out there?…how can I fix my slice!?  Help!

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