To Pump It or to Couch It

Happy middle of the week to you!  I seriously don’t know how days and weeks go by so fast.  It’s just pure craziness.

(recycled picture from Easter because I love tulips)

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind day for me.  It wasn’t crazy busy but I felt like I went through a crazy amount of emotions.  It was the first day that I was not in my normal home office and started in our larger home office.  I trained at the home office so I have worked there before and I talk to all of the employees there on a regular basis so going there wasn’t really a big deal.  However, the minute I walked in the door, my excitement faded and I quickly realized that it was like starting a new job all over again.  There had been big changes to our system since I had last worked there and the routine in my smaller office is completely different than that of our larger office.  I seriously had no idea what I was doing and had to be trained basically from scratch when it came to the order of how things are done there.

There were a couple of times that I felt that lump well up in my throat and my eyes start to burn.  Crazy woman hormones much?  Seriously, there was nothing to cry about.  However, I missed my other coworkers and I missed the doctor.  I missed my morning routine and the comfort I felt.  A quick text to my hubs was all I needed to feel better.  I reassured me that the uncomfortable feeling wouldn’t last long and, before I knew it, I would be feeling like I had worked there every day.  As always, he was right.  I got comfortable with the new girls that I hadn’t met yet and got caught up with everyone I hadn’t seen in awhile.  I got comfortable in knowing what to do in the office and on the phone.  I even started to enjoy my afternoon.  I made it through the day.  Phew!

Oh…and, tomorrow, I get to work with my old coworkers again.  We all work in another satellite office once a week and I think that thought might have gotten me to quitting time today.  Whatever works, right?


On my way home, I was fighting off a fierce a headache and felt a little tired and drained.  There was a Body Pump at 7:30pm that I knew I wanted to attend but part of me just wanted to go home and collapse onto the couch.  When I got home, I took my time and changed out of my work clothes.  I took my time and let the dogs outside to run around and explore.  I took my time making a drinking a supplement shake.  I took my time and went back and forth as to whether I would hop back in the car to drive to class or sit my butt down on the couch.  In the end, my butt made it to class.  I knew that the only thing I would regret would be not going so I had no choice.

I’m so glad I did.  I had a new-to-me instructor and she was awesome! Right on the beat of the music with killer routines…the perfect combination!  The class ran over so I got out pretty late but at that moment, I didn’t care.  I was proud that I made it there and didn’t fall into the trap of sitting down on the couch.  There are definitely times when our bodies need rest but I knew that last night was not one of those nights.  I was trying to think of every reason not to go but, in the end, my body knew I needed it and forced me into it.  Thanks, body!

So, here I am, crazy sore from last night, getting ready to spend the day with my favorite coworkers…a great way to spend the middle of the week!

Pumping it up,

Something to share:  When is the last time you had to talk yourself out of skipping a workout?  Are you usually successful when you try?

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Filling the Jars

Hello, hello!  How has your week been so far?  I know we’re only a day in, but I hope it was a good one!

Today, I want to talk organization.  More specifically, organization in the kitchen.  Organization in my entire house is super important because of its size.  Our house is an old cape cod with limited cabinet and closet space.  Most of the time, we just have to be creative and find ways to use the space we have to the best of our ability.  Sometimes, it can be hard.  Other times, it can be easy!

I tend to do my best work in the kitchen and it’s the room that I take the most pride in.  It’s important to me for it always to be clean and I just feel better going to bed knowing that there are no dishes in my sink…or on the stove.  Does that always happen?  Of course not!  I’m human.  However, if there is one room where organization is the most important to me, it’s the kitchen.


I am a member of Around the Plate, which is an online community of people interested in healthy living.  The group is a wonderful food and nutrition resource and provides a way to connect with nutrition and health experts around the country through a community of bloggers and writers.  A couple of weeks ago, Around the Plate asked us to write about different topics for our April blogging challenge.  For my group, the ‘Healthy Eating Champs,’ the challenge was to share our favorite organization and spring cleaning tips for the kitchen.  I loved the topic and couldn’t wait to share one of my favorites!…

Mason jars.


I wouldn’t say I go crazy over mason jars but…I might go crazy over mason jars.  I actually used them as favors for our wedding.  I bought mason jar mugs and etched each guest’s first initial into them.  As they walked into our reception, they were able to find their mug, fill it with punch, and then take their mug home at the end of the night.  It was a hit.  However, I guess I’m not here today to talk about my wedding.  Let’s get back to the kitchen.


Here are some ways I incorporate jars into my kitchen organization:

  • storing grains such as rice, cous cous, quinoa, oatmeal, and granola
  • storing baking supplies such as flour, sugar, and corn starch
  • storing hot beverage mixes like coffee, hot cocoa, or lattes
  • making overnight oats and chilling them in the fridge for a quick breakfast
  • stacking and storing cupcake liners

These are just a few of my ideas and there are so, so many more!  Really, anything that needs stored, can be stored in a mason jar!  I love them, not only for all of their uses, but because they are really easy to label by using fun chalkboard stickers or paint and they are easy to stack and organize.  They are so much better than having a ton of open bags and boxes that are half full!  It makes for less chance of mess, too!  Win-win for everyone!


Alright, friends, I’m off!  I have to go find more ways to fill jars.

Happy Organizing,

Something to share:  Do you use mason jars to organize?  Share your favorite kitchen organization tip!


A Refreshing Weekend in Review {iPhone}

Good morning, friends!

The Easter season is one of my favorite times of the year. The week before Easter Sunday, my family always takes on a solemn approach and I did the same this year. I unplugged, did some reflecting, and just enjoyed the season.  I spent some time doing what I enjoy and cherishing the people around me.

Here is documentation of some of the happenings from the weekend…

some reflective gym time alone)

all crammed in while drying my hair)


a set and ready table)

spring is here)

glitter makes everything better)

Long weekends from work are always good and spending them celebrating with family and friends make them even better!  Easter seems to always be a time for renewal and new beginnings and I can say that I feel so uplifted and happy today!  Bring on the week!

Sending smiles,

Something to share:  If you celebrate, how did you spend your Easter weekend?  Do you have any ‘new beginnings’ going on in your life?


Sunday Morning Coffee – Chat 3

Good morning, friends!

This post is being brought to you from sunny, warm, and beautiful Pennsylvania.  I don’t have the chance to say that very often around here because if it’s not cold and snowy, it seems to be warm and rainy.  We are in the middle of an absolutely gorgeous weekend and I am taking full advantage of it!  Go grab your coffee and pastry and let’s get to chatting!


** I am blogging from my porch.


That time has come (for now at least) when I can be outside with my winter coat and boots.  Or at least a sweatshirt with three shirts underneath.  it’s supposed to be 79 degrees today and was already in the mid-60s when I woke up.  That only called for one thing.  Coffee and blogging on the back porch.

** A mother-daughter day happened yesterday.


The hubs has had a crazy weekend at work and has been only stopping at home for a few hours to sleep and my dad was gone for the weekend so my mom and I figured it would be the perfect opportunity for us to spend our Saturday together.  I taught the early Jazzercise class yesterday and then we went to breakfast, visited with my grandparents, went to church, and then went out for dinner.  I love days with my mom and cherish every one that I get!

** Speaking of grandparents…going to their house is the best.


While visiting yesterday, I got to sit at their kitchen table, drink coffee, eat homemade poppy seed rolls, and work on crosswords from the newspaper.  There are many days when my mom and I go over to their house to help work on the yard or something like that…but, then, we have the days when it’s all about relaxing and enjoying each other.  Yesterday was one of those days.

** I have given up on buying dog beds for my pups.


Friday, after work, I stopped at TJMaxx to see what I could waste money on and decided to go with a dog bed.  We still have to crate our Rosie when we are gone because she enjoys chewing on our dining room chairs.  Not good.  We usually just have some blankets in her crate for her to cozy up on but I thought I would try again with a bed (she has ripped up any we have tried before).  I got home, showed her the bed, put it in her crate, and then went to meet friends for dinner.  I got home and Rosie was sitting in piles of orthopedic foam.  Major, major fail.

** Jelly Belly jelly beans are my obsession.


I do not like regular jelly beans.  I never have.  Okay.  That’s a lie.  I like red (not cinnamon) ones.  But that’s it.  That is until, one Christmas, my aunt bought me a box of Jelly Belly beans.  Oh my word…the flavors.  The popcorn, the cantaloupe, the juicy pear, and the toasted marshmallow.  I can’t get enough of them and my grandma had a huge container of them yesterday in preparation for Easter.  Honestly…going to my grandparents’ house is the best!!

Have a beautiful Sunday!  I plan on opening wide the windows and doing some spring cleaning inside and then moving outside to get some cleaning done in the sun.  I can’t wait!

Thanks for chatting!

Something to share:  Do you like doing crosswords?  Do you like jelly beans?  Tell me about your weekend!


Friday Fun: 5 Facts

Okay.  Here it goes…


Honestly, is there ever a Friday that rolls around when that sentiment is not expressed?  I mean, maybe if you’re one of those crazy kids that works on the weekends (ahem…my hubs) Fridays might not seem that great…but, thankfully, I don’t fall into that category right now and, because of that, I still feel like a school kid on these glorious days.  Anyway, I always feel like Fridays are meant for fun so here is the second edition of Friday Fun…today, I’m sharing some random facts about me.

1.  My wedding dress has moved into my bedroom.


This week, I have been working on organizing my spare bedroom.  My wedding dress has been hanging in there since my wedding and I had to move it.  Now, it’s hanging on my bedroom door where I can look at it every night before I go to bed.  I know I will eventually have to do something else with it but, for now, I’m happy to stare and it and put it on think about putting it on.

2.  I have been loving my Puma Bubble XTs.


This was one of the pairs of shoes that was included in the fitness package I won and I tried them for the first time this week to teach class.  I taught double classes two days in a row and I absolutely love them!  They are really lightweight and conform to my foot when I put them on.  Because of the soft material they are made out of, I was concerned they weren’t going to give enough support but I couldn’t be happier with them!  Thanks, again, Puma!

3.  Speaking of teaching…I can tell warmer weather is coming.


During our classes, we have been enjoying the warmer weather we’ve been having by opening the windows, breathing fresh air, and, for me, sweating like a maniac.  Yep.  Higher temps are coming.  I was officially sweating from my knees and shins last night.  There’s no going back now.  Goodbye, winter.

4.  I wish I was a dog.


Seriously.  I mean, look at this picture.  Would there be anything better?

5.  This weekend is ‘Masters’ weekend in our house.


I will be carrying this cup with me all weekend and I know Lee will be proudly displaying his Masters keychain.  We’re a little golf crazy around here and there really will be nothing else on our TV.  I grew up watching golf with my grandpap so I have very fond memories of every Sunday final round…and I have especially fond memories of The Masters.  I’m thankful that I have found a husband that loves it as much as I do.  Go Adam Scott!

Enjoy your Friday!

Something to share:  Tell me a random fact about you!  Do you like golf?  What is your favorite sport?


You Don’t Have To Be Old

Hello!  How is your week going?  Mine has been pretty busy and I can’t believe we’re already in the middle!

Yesterday, I took the day off of work to go to some appointments that I had been putting off for the past few weeks.  One of them was to the eye doctor.  Normally, I just drop by local eye office, get a quick eye exam, order my contacts (or get new glasses) and, then, I’m on my way.  Normally…no big deal.

However, last year, I started noticing something ‘off’ about one of my eyes.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  When I first would put a pair of contacts in, I wouldn’t be able to focus right away and felt as if one of my contacts weren’t clear.  Usually, I would blink a few times and it seemed to go away.  I always just assumed it was a problem with my contacts and I just needed to clean them better or change them.  I ignored it.

(I swear these glasses weren’t this huge when I tried them on!)

Fast forward to last fall…

…I went back for my yearly exam with the main intent to get a new pair of glasses.  My old glasses were about seven years old and pretty much useless.  I wanted to get new ones because I wanted to start wearing them more and give my eyes a break from my contacts.  See, during the months prior to my appointment, I started to notice that the cloudiness and lack of focus in my left eye was becoming more of a problem and ‘blinking it away’ was no longer an option.  I assumed it was from wearing my contacts from sun up to sun down and thought giving my eyes a break would be beneficial.  As the doctor looked at my eyes, he asked me if I was ever told that I had ‘bubbles’ on the lens of eye.  I replied that I had not.  He kept looking and looking (meanwhile, I kept sweating and sweating) and, eventually, checked back in my file and saw that they were noted during my last visit.  Umm…and no one thought to mention them to me?  Anyway, he just said they could be causing my lack of focus but was not sure what caused them.

Now…looking back, I should have asked him more questions, but I got the feeling he didn’t want to ‘deal with them’ or take the time to explain to me what they could be or if they could be a potential problem.  I left that day with new contacts and new glasses ordered but with the same cloudy spot on my eye.  As the months went on, I became more and more concerned and decided that it was finally time to try and figure out what was going on with my sight.

A couple months before that last appointment, Rosie had scratched my cornea and I saw a wonderful doctor that the ER had recommended because I needed to have follow-ups done to make sure my scratch was healing.  I decided to go back there and get a second opinion from someone at that office because of how pleased I was with them during my previous visits (why I didn’t just go there in the first place I’ll never know).  Anyway, I saw the doctor yesterday and finally got an explanation…

…I have cataracts.

Yep.  Cataracts.  At 31 years old.  My doctor explained that while they’re rare, they can happen in young people and they can occur for no reason at all.  She said that sometimes babies can be born with them and even require surgery.  Mine could have been present for years without me noticing them.  I have them in both eyes and, while my left is worse than my right, neither eye is bad enough to require surgery yet.  I could, essentially, get surgery now if I wanted, but I’ve decided not to.  Even though the ability to focus has decreased in my left eye, I can live with it.  The plan is to monitor my eyes and check them every couple of months and see how quickly they are progressing.  I will eventually need surgery but the time frame will depend on how fast they grow and change.

Wow.  This got a little long winded.  Long story short…I have cataracts.  I have something that I only thought ‘old’ people had.  It’s crazy but I’m so thankful that I went to get a second opinion  I’m thankful that I have a doctor that didn’t mind taking the time to explain to me what was wrong and how I can potentially fix it.  It’s such a weight off my shoulders because I was really starting to worry that something was seriously wrong with my eyes.  Even though I will eventually need them surgically corrected, I can rest knowing that it’s common problem and the there is a relatively easy solution.

Phew!  I can’t explain how good I feel.  I don’t know why I put things off!

Seeing clearly,

Something to share:  Do you tend to put off things like appointments or things you have to do for yourself?  Have you ever gotten a surprise diagnosis?


Sunday Morning Coffee – Chat 2

Happy Sunday morning!

I feel like there is something so magical about a Sunday morning…especially when the sun is shining!  It’s been a little cold and dreary around here so the sun is a welcomed change.  Last Sunday, I shared a coffee chat with you guys to catch you up on what had been going on with me and I think I’d like to make it a weekly thing around here!  I mean, there’s coffee and chatting…what isn’t there to like about that?


** Jet went on this first trip to the groomer.

(my friend, Jennylee, and I after we picked up Jet)

We always used to bathe Jet and Rosie ourselves but Jet’s size, amount of fur, and unwillingness to get in the bathtub has just made it a ridiculous feat.  Last week, Jet was limping and we noticed that his one nail seemed to be bothering him.  I called a local groomer to see if I could get him in the next day for a nail trim…and just decided to go with the full groom.  It was the best decision and I am kicking myself now for waiting so long!  So much easier than fighting with a 100-pound dog in a tub!

** My friends and I tried a new Thai restaurant.


Friday evening, after tackling the grooming situation, my two friends and I went to grab dinner at The Thai Cafe, a newly-opened restaurant in our town.  We were welcomed by the owners and, while the restaurant was small, it was very cozy and comfortable.  We were presented with an extensive menu and had trouble deciding what we wanted to try.  I ended up choosing the shrimp pad thai, my friend, Jennylee, got the chicken pad thai, and her husband got a King BBQ chicken dish.  We also shared an appetizer of spring rolls.  The verdict?  Delicious!  The food and service were amazing and we will definitely be going back!

** I went to my first Body Pump class in forever!


After tackling spin class alone, I decided that I might be brave enough to try Body Pump.  I have always loved Body Pump and I’m so excited that our Y offers it as a class.  I played it safe with my weights because I needed to gauge where I was on my strength scale and I think I was pretty accurate.  I worked until exhaustion during each routine and, today, it’s hard to walk down steps and a pick things up.  Total success!

** My childhood friends and I realized that we are officially old.


Last night, my parents and I attended the surprise birthday party of my childhood friend, Brett.  When we moved to our new neighborhood when I was nine, the first two people I met were my neighbors, Amy and Brett.  We instantly became best friends and have gone through so much in life together (Amy was the matron-of-honor in my wedding).  Brett will turn the big 3-0 on the eighth and we just can’t believe it…how did we all cross that threshold to thirty!?  Amy and I are already thirty-one and Brett was keeping us young at twenty-nine!  Regardless, we all had a great time and it was so nice for us and our parents to be able to spend time together.

Okay!  That’s it for our little coffee chat this morning!  I hope you enjoyed your time here…I always enjoy sharing mine with you.  Have an amazing Sunday!

Loving the sunshine,

Something to share:  Have you tried any new restaurants lately?  Do you like surprises?  Would you want someone to throw a surprise party for you?

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Friday Fun: My Fitness Instructor Thoughts


That’s really all I can say about this week.  It was a rough one.  Today, I’m keeping it light.  Remember when I wrote my first post about ‘things your fitness instructor is really thinking’?  Well, I’m back with more.  These thoughts are not just things we all think in general…these are all things that have crossed my mind in the past two days during the three classes that I taught.  If only the students knew what was really going on in my head…


1.  “That salad from lunch did sit well with me.  Ugh.” 

2.  “I’ve never had these pants on before…let’s hope they stay up.” 

3.  “Do I still have the tag on these new pants?”

4.  “If this piece of hair falls in my face one more time, I’m totally cutting it off during the break.” 

5.  “That salad from lunch is really making my stomach rumble…and jumping is now uncomfortable.”

6.  “Yep, totally just missed that musical cue and now I’m doing the wrong move.”

7.  “ I just said the word ‘excellent’ 5 times in 45 seconds.” 

8.  “We only have one more set, right?” (This was said aloud to another instructor in my class.)

9.  “I’ve never seen that student before…I wonder if she’s here to secretly evaluate me.”

10. “Don’t p**p your pants…Don’t p**p your pants…Don’t p**p your pants…”(that freakin’ salad!)

(I can only imagine the thoughts running through our students’ heads…)

Sometimes, I’m not on my game while I’m up on that stage.  I was super distracted this week and my mind was in a million other places than my class.  I hate when that happens but there are times when that brain of mine just won’t shut up.  I’m hoping for a more calm and relaxing mental state next week!  My students deserve it after this week!

The weekend is here!

Something to share:  Fellow instructors – share your favorite crazy things you think while teaching!  Non-fellow instructors – share your favorite crazy thoughts while either taking a class or doing your own workout!


Twitter Chats for the Win

Hi friends!  Good morning!…or afternoon if you are reading later in the day..

So, today, I just wanted to share some brand love with all of you and express my thanks to two great companies for setting up with some pretty awesome gear!

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a Twitter chat lead by Fitfluential that was sponsored by Puma.  The chat focused on maintaining balance in life…balance with workouts, eating well, spending time with family, and making time for yourself.  You know…all the important stuff in life!   The topic actually got me thinking a lot about my life and the balance that I have and it gave me a chance to think about where I can improve and where I feel that I’m okay.  I even wrote a post about it.  During the chat, everyone shared some great ideas on how they incorporate balance into life.  We shared workout strategies, clean eating tips, ways we incorporate our families in with our healthy lifestyles and how we can make all of those things work together to make us become our best!


I absolutely love Twitter chats.  I love reaching out and finding new people to follow and it’s always nice to gain some new and exciting followers, as well!  I think it’s also great to get input from other and bounce ideas off each other’s minds.  I’m not always able to attend many of them because there are days I get home pretty late and don’t have time to tune in, but I am always glad when I am able to catch one.  For now, I can officially say that this last one I participated in was my favorite!  To wrap up the chat, it was announced that two winners would be announced in the morning…the prizes were a wireless speaker system and a women’s fitness package.  I thought about how awesome it would be to win and moved on because I knew it was unlikely…

…until I got an amazing message the next morning.  I had won the women’s fitness package!

Two boxes arrived at my house yesterday and I absolutely cannot believe what was in them.

(a workout top, sports bra, and a jacket)

(a pair of textured capris and a pair of compression capris)

(two pairs of awesome shoes!!)

I am humbled that I won such an amazing gift!  I am so thankful and I couldn’t wait to share the great products with all of you!  I have to teach tonight so I know I will be climbing into a brand new outfit!  I, obviously, am not sharing this with you to brag about winning…and Puma has absolutely NO idea who I am!  I simply wanted to share a great company with everyone that truly believes in healthy living and the supports anyone that is working on building their own fitness journey.

Also…if you haven’t joined a Twitter chat, do it soon!  Not only will you make great friends and learn some great things….but you might just win a great prize!

Thankful on Thursday,

Something to share:  Have you ever won a contest or a giveaway?  Do you participate in Twitter chats?  Do you enjoy them?


Spin Until You Sweat

Hello!  Happy April Fool’s Day!  I don’t have any tricks to play on you today.  I’ve never been very creative with this day.  However, last night, I was reading on Facebook some of the tricks that other Jazzercise instructors have pulled on their class and I was crying because I was laughing so hard!  One instructor made her class do ‘eyeball isolations’ – making them look up, look down, roll them around, etc. and they were doing it until they realized it was ridiculous!  Unfortunately, I don’t teach tonight but, even if I did, I know I couldn’t keep a straight face while attempting any of them!

Anyway, one thing that I hope isn’t a joke is the face that we are going to hit close to 70 degrees.  Seriously.  It snowed on Sunday.  I’m not sure what is going on with that but, whatever…I’ll take it!  Although I have to work today, I think I’ll try and make some time to walk by a window or two and run out to get the mail so I can enjoy the sunshine for at least a little bit!  Sometimes, you have to make due, right!?

(so sweaty)

So, let me talk about something for a quick second.  Anxiety.  Why can’t we make that not be a thing?  I mean, I think it’s healthy to have nerves and be scared of things but those things are usually serious…but the simplest of things?  I wish I could make my head know the difference.  About a month ago, Lee and joined our local YMCA.  I mentioned before that he was already playing on a basketball league and I was looking to join a gym so it made sense.  I was looking forward to having access to not only a ton of weight equipment but also a variety of group classes.  I love me some group classes.  For the past few weeks, I have just made it there to do some strength work and run on the treadmill.  Sunday night, however, I decided that I was going to attend a class.  I mean, that’s one of the main reasons I joined…so what the heck was I waiting for?  I thought there was Body Pump but I was wrong and so had to switch up my game.  A 5:30pm spin class caught my eye and I knew that was the one…

[Some background before my next sentence…
I have belonged to three different gyms in my life.
I have attended many spin classes.
I have been going to the Y for over a month.

…would you believe I was sooooo nervous to go to class!?  I always feel better when I have someone with me like a friend.  Remember that spin class that I went to with my Bestie and we showed up wearing the same outfit?  Yes, embarrassing, but okay because I had a buddy.  In my mind, I wasn’t exactly sure where the spin room was, I didn’t know how full the class got so I didn’t know what time to show up.  I didn’t want to be the first one there and look like a psycho but then I didn’t want to be the last one there and not get a bike.  Why were these crazy thoughts running through my head!?  I got home from work, let my dogs out, sat on the couch for five minutes and then decided I needed to get my things together.  I got dressed, checked the clock fifty times, and got in my car.  At the front desk, I verified the location of the room (and it was exactly where I thought it was) and headed over to that side of the gym.  I walked in, picked a bike, and got ready.  A minute later, the nicest girl sat down on the bike next to me and we started talking.  A few minutes later, three girls took the bikes in front of us and joined our conversation.  I finally could breathe and felt like I could totally handle this situation.

What came next was amazing…

…the hardest and best spin class I’ve ever taken in my life.  My legs were screaming the entire time and the sweat was just pouring!  I said bye to my new friends and walked out of there feeling like a million dollars.  Why am I always so scared to try new things?  Most of the time More than most of the time, things turn out to be just fine.  Thankfully, yesterday, was one of those times.

IMG_3706   IMG_3707
(after workout treats…and, I only ate one of the bars)

Tonight?  Cycling Arms and Abs.  Bring it.  I’m totally ready.

No more butterflies,

Something to share:  Do you get nervous to do new things?  Do you tend to do things on your own or do you like to have a buddy?  Do you like to play jokes on April Fool’s Day?