TGI…Gob Cake

Good morning and TGIF!!

Shall we talk late-night baking today?  That’s what went on in my house last night.  A friend that I work with is pregnant and told me she was craving chocolate cake yesterday.  The doctor I work for happened to mention he was craving a chocolate cake that he used to eat in college.  So…I made the executive decision that we would have chocolate cake at work today.  To be more specific…we would have chocolate gob cake at work today.  When I mentioned it, my co-workers eyes got big and smiles spread across their faces.  I mean, who cares that I have never made a gob cake before?  My friends wanted it so I was determined to deliver.


I taught my two Jazzercise classes and then headed home.  On the way, I was hoping that I was going to be able to find a ‘from-scratch’ recipe that included only ingredients that I already had at my house.  Wishful thinking, right?  I got home and, while the hubs threw together tacos for dinner, I scoured my cookbooks and the web for a recipe that fit my specifications.  After about 20 minutes, I found both a chocolate cake and an icing recipe that only used things that I had in my pantry.  I gave the hubs a little fist pump (he really didn’t get why) and crossed my fingers that the recipes turned out okay.

I threw my batter together (which was super easy and all happened in one bowl) and poured it into my pans.  I eagerly checked as the time went by that they were surviving in the oven together.  The house began to smell heavenly and the cake looked super moist and fluffy.  Phew!  I was glad the cake was good…but I wasn’t out of the woods, yet.  I still had to deal with the icing.


Here is the recipe I used for the cake…I wish I could give proper credit but it was posted on a Taste of Home forum with no specific name or location. 

Chocolate Gob Cake:

3 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups white sugar
3 teaspoons baking soda
6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup distilled white vinegar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 cups water

Preheat oven to 325.

Mix all of the ingredients together in a large bowl and stir until combined (I used my mixer on a medium speed for about a minute).  Pour batter into two lightly-greased 9×13 baking pans (the original recipe said to used ungreased pans but I was nervous that my cake would not come out if I did). 

Bake for 30-35 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.  I let my cakes cool in their pans for ten minutes and, then, removed one onto a wire rack while allowing the other to stay in the pan since I would just be serving it from there.


Now…for the icing.  Icing is a stressful thing!  It’s all about the perfect taste and texture.  It’s so scary to have to get two things right!  The review of the icing I chose were all great so I decided to give it a whirl…and it paid off!  It was delicious and the texture was heavenly!  I used this recipe.  I suggest you guys try it out!  The most time consuming part is allowing it to thicken on the stove but once it starts, it just takes off and gets to the desired thickness pretty quickly!  In the original recipe, you have to allow the heated mixture to cool completely…I cheated and set the pan in the sink in cold water.  It was good to go in about ten minutes.

To finish the cake, spread the icing on the top of one cake and then drop the other on top.  Voila!


Here’s to hoping this cake satisfies all the cravings in office for chocolate cake!


Something to share:  What’s the last thing you experimented with in the kitchen?  Do you have a no-fail icing or frosting recipe?  Please share!


Three Things Thursday

Good snowy morning to you!

I feel like I mention snow in every single post I have written recently.  I guess that’s just life in Western PA, huh?  We’ve had a pretty snowy and cold winter so far and I think we’re supposed to creep up into the high-30s this weekend…it’s, totally, going to feel like a heat wave!  I hope you’re week is going well and you’re enjoying whatever weather you have where you are.

So, here we are…in February already.  I know we are talk and talk about how fast time goes but, geez,  it really does get crazy as you get older.  That being said, I love Thursdays so I can never be too upset when the week buzzes by and we find ourselves at another one.  I’ll always be a “Thirsty Thursday” lover at heart.  On this particular Thirsty Three Things Thursday, I’m here to share three random things that I am currently loving.  Join in below and add to my list with your current loves!

1.  Blended supplement shakes


My entire family has fallen in love with the Reliv line of products.  Almost everyone I know that uses them has seen some type of benefit.  I drink a shake every night and I just mix my powders in a glass of milk.  Recently, my grandma told me that she likes to throw hers in the blender because it becomes thick and frothy like a milkshake and is more delicious.  Well, I tried it and I’m hooked.  Seriously…grandmas always know best.

2.  Sushi lunches


I think I have raved about it before…but we have a small grocery store that has a café in part of it and they have the best sushi.  They have it packaged and ready to go for lunch and, if you go in and don’t see what you like, they will make you your request right there in front of you.  It’s always so fresh and so delicious!  Yesterday, I had a California roll with brown rice and a side of seaweed salad.

3.  Valentine’s Day attire


Next Saturday, on Valentine’s Day, my fellow instructor, Darlene, and I are teaching a team Valentine-themed Jazzercise class.  We like to throw a team class together every couple of months to shake things up.  We usually coordinate our outfits and, this year, we will be sporting the cute cropped tanks above that say “Kiss Me” on them.  We plan to pair that with some crazy Valentine’s Day socks and maybe some type of funny headband.  We’ll see what we can find this weekend.  The students always enjoy the class and, more importantly, enjoy watching us make fools out of ourselves up on stage!

Enjoy your “Thirsty Thursday,” friends!  I’m starting mine off with a cup of coffee and plan to continue with water.  My, my, how things have changed.


Something to share:  What are you currently loving?  Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?  What’s the last piece of good advice you’ve gotten from a family member?

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Weekend Grocery Haul

Good morning!  How is your Super Bowl hangover today?  I have a pretty killer headache, which is never a fun way to start a Monday.  I didn’t even drink anything yesterday…but I’m thinking my head is just hurting because it’s still trying to grasp what actually happened in the game.  I mean, come on, Seattle…you had it in the bag!  Oh well.  While I’m not a Patriots fan at all, it was an awesome game and kept me on the edge of my seat!

Besides hanging at our friends’ house for the game, I had a pretty busy weekend that included a lot of Jazzercise and a lot of running around.  I had to teach the early class on Saturday and, afterwards, I spent some time with my grandparents, met my mom for lunch, and then went to stock up on some groceries for our house.  It was looking like Old Mother Hubbard had taken over…the cupboards were seriously bare.  I stopped a few different places but picked up the bulk of my groceries at Aldi…I love the products and I love the prices!



…pineapple, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, grapefruit, avocado, and gala apples.

Pantry Staples…


…Shredded Wheat, oats, crackers, my favorite Pumpkin Flax Granola, pickles, tuna, cereal bars, pasta, canned veggies, and V8.  I haven’t had V8 in SO long and one of the nurses I work with brought one to work last week.  That was it…I needed it back in my life ASAP.

Fridge Staples…


…chicken breasts, Greek yogurt, bacon, cheese, ground turkey, and a pork loin.

On my way home from the grocery store, I picked up my mother-in-law who had been staying at my sister-in-law’s house.  When she got in the car, she asked if we could stop at the little market that was down the street because she had ordered lunch and needed to pick it up.  I had always seen the little market but had never gone in to check it out.  I am SO mad that I had never gone in before!  I was in heaven!  It is an Italian market/deli and they carry some of the things that I can never find in regular stores!  They had shelves full of quinoa, cous-cous, and other grains that aren’t so plentiful at other places.  They had specialty sauces, soups, meats, pastas…and I could go on and on!  It’s safe to say that it is my new favorite place.  While I could have bought almost the whole store, I stuck with a few choice items…


…barley, Lemon Curry quinoa (which was SO good!), Hearts of Palm, and a small bag of prunes.

It feels so good to have stocked up the kitchen, again!  Now, I actually have things to make for lunch and dinner and won’t be scrounging around every day!  On another note, while I was out on Saturday, I bought a new vacuum cleaner and a new toilet bowl brush.  Is this what it means to be old!?  I think the saddest part is that I was actually excited about those purchases and couldn’t wait to get home to use them!

Yep, officially old.


Something to share:  What was included in your last grocery shopping trip?  Have you discovered any new stores lately?  What is the last thing you’ve done that has made you feel old?  I would have to have say having cataract surgery tops my list! 


Three Things Thursday

Hello, hello!  Happy Thursday!  Smile

How are things where you are?  Things are cold and snowy around here and I love it!!  Well, maybe not the cold part but at least we have snow to accompany it.  I hate when there’s no snow on the ground but it’s freeeezing.  I think we’re supposed to get more snow this afternoon and I’m hoping it doesn’t interfere with the classes I have to teach tonight.  It’s almost an hour to my center from where I work so bad roads are never a good thing on Thursday afternoons.

Anyway!  I hope you are all staying warm and toasty and those of you who live in warm areas are soaking up every sunshiny minute!

Let’s check in with some randomness today.

1.  I have been enjoying mixing up my workouts.


As you know, I started a new workout and nutrition regimen at the beginning of the year and have really tried to amp up my workouts and get one in at least six days of the week.  I usually take Friday or Sunday as a rest day and add in a variety of workouts to the others.  In addition to teaching my regular Jazzercise classes, I have been getting back into Turbo Fire (which I love) and doing the regular cardio workouts as well as HIITs and strength work.  I have also added in yoga and Pilates to work those deep muscles.  It has been keeping things interesting which has kept me on track.  I want to start running, again, but that will have to wait until it’s warmer…I’m a wimp and don’t run in the cold.

2.  I’m pumped for our new Jazzercise challenge!


A couple times a year, Jazzercise offers up games to students and, in return for attendance, they can win shirts, purses, beach towels, wristlets, cosmetic, bags, etc.  The final gifts are always different but the shirts seem to always be the most popular.  The newest challenge, The 35-Day Challenge, starts on February 1st and challenges students to attend 30 classes in 35 days.  That averages out to six classes a week, which I know is going to be tough for a lot of students due to schedules, kids, work, and many other reasons.  Everyone always enjoys our challenges so I’m excited to see how the students push themselves to finish!  Plus, the shirt is super cute which always provides excellent motivation!

3.  I am weird and like to take my blood pressure.


I know that’s a really weird statement…I’m with ya.  My aunt is an RN and I remember being younger and having her take my blood pressure when she would randomly check my grandparents’.  Fast forward a few years to when my grandparents got a digital BP machine.  It wasn’t uncommon for my aunt to break it out during Sunday dinners and we would all, of course, have to take a turn.  It’s a joke in my family and, while my aunt still likes to keep tabs on my grandparents, now we all go around and take ours because it’s just what we do.  Last night, when I stopped at my parents’ house, I discovered my mom got a new BP machine.  Try it out!?  Sure!  Because, you know…it’s just what we do.  I never claimed to be normal…normal is boring, right!?

Let’s hope the coffee that I’m chugging right now will continue to power me through my Thursday.  The doctor I work for is off tomorrow and I only have to go in for a quick conference call in the morning so today is kind of my Friday!  Happy Almost Weekend!


Something to share:  How do you mix up your workouts and keep them interesting?  Do you and your family have any funny or unusual traditions?


Blogger Problems

So…I have been having quite this tough time with this little blog of mine.

A few months ago, whenever I would try to open my blog and go to one of my posts from twitter, Facebook, etc., my security software would pop up and warn me that I was trying to open an infected site.  I had absolutely no idea what to do and I still really don’t…but, somehow, it ended up fixing itself and the problem stopped happening.  At least for a short time.

Now…we’re headed onto new and different issues.  Every time I would try to tweet a link to any of my current posts, Twitter would tell me that ‘the action could not be completed and the tweet would be sent to my drafts.’  After doing some research, I discovered that the links wouldn’t tweet because they were appearing as compromised and containing possible malware.

What the whaaaa…!?

So, after reaching out to some blog friends, I discovered that the problem may have started happening when I changed my permalinks, which I had recently done in the past few months.  Great.  I narrowed down the issue but then came the hard part – figuring out how in the world to fix said issue.  When it comes to computers and techie stuff, I can get by and usually find solutions to most problems, however, some are over my head.  This one really had me stumped.  No matter what I would do and no matter how many settings I would change, the same thing kept happening over and over again.  My links were bad.  All of the links that were sent out for my blog posts were bad.  They would go nowhere.  They would generate that fun ‘404’ error page with the shadow people standing around asking you if you really wanted to be somewhere else – and it happened everywhere – Twitter, Facebook, Feedly, and all of the others.  Cool, huh?  So…after spending ALL NIGHT googling solutions and reading articles, I realized that I skipped a major step when I changed my permalinks…I didn’t redirect any of my old links.  I downloaded a plug-in and all seemed right with the world.



…Twitter still won’t recognize my links and if I try to open ones that are automatically generated when I publish a post, I still get a Twitter alert telling me that my site cannot be trusted.  I did some recommended scans of my blog url and everything came up as showing that it was ‘safe content’ so, now, I don’t know what to do.

UGH!!!  Can anyone help me!?  I feel like I’m half way to having my site fixed and I just don’t know what I have to do to get the rest of the way!?  I’m open to any suggestions or, if anyone can point in the direction of anyone that could give me some info, I would be much appreciative!  Do you think I have a virus infecting my blog or is it still a problem with my links?  Should I just scrap the whole blog and throw it in the trash?  That’s, totally, what I was going to do last night…

Oh, the life of a blogger.

Wishing for help,

Something to share:  Have you ever had a problem on your blog that you didn’t know how to fix?  Do you manage your own blog or have behind-the-scene people that help? 

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Winter Weekend

Good morning, friends!  Happy Monday!

We are in the middle of a snow storm here in good old Western PA so, of course, this past weekend consisted of some fun wintery things.  Friday night, I didn’t do much except learn some new routines to prepare for my Saturday morning Jazzercise class.  I had a packed house that consisted of a room full of students that were more than happy to brave the cold weather to get in a good workout!  We dedicated our class to PennDOT…our department of transportation that did a great job of clearing the roads so we could all make it to class!


After class, my favorite fellow instructor, Darlene, and I headed to our local coffee shop for some hot beverages and chatting.  We both decided to go with the Jack Frost Mocha, which we were told by the hilarious kid behind the counter was made with coffee, chocolate, peppermint, and holiday cheer.  I was sold.  We split a warm blueberry muffin that was the perfect pairing!  When we finally decided we had better leave before we sat and talked all day, I headed to my parents to check out a local ice festival.  The town near us always has fun things going on during the weekends and this is one of our favorites.  Businesses from the area sponsor ice sculptures that are done by a local ice company.  The talent is always so amazing!  Here are some of my favorites…

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After walking around the check out the ice and freezing our buns off, we headed inside a local restaurant called Carol and Dave’s Roadhouse where I got the best wrap I’ve ever had.  I was a Portobello Mushroom Wrap with mushrooms, smoked gouda, and a fire-roasted tomato pesto mayo.  I don’t normally like mayo…but this stuff was to die for!


On Sunday, I started bright and early with a Jazzercise class.  It was supposed to be pretty icy outside so, Saturday night, I decided I would just wake up and see how the roads looked and decide from there if I would venture out.  They looked okay and, to my surprise, were great the whole way to class.  Thumbs up!  I was glad to be able to get my workout in early.

(my poor weights…they’re looking pretty ratty!)

I don’t know if it was because my class was pretty tough on Saturday, but I struggled extra with my strength work at the end of class!  I tried to power through but had to take some breaks during some of my tricep and delt work.  I was dying!  I hope my students were feeling the burn after Saturday’s class, too!  On the way home, I stopped by the store to pick up some things to make the hubs breakfast since he was off today and grabbed a new-to-me Luna protein bar…

…anything Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is a winner in my book!


I spent the rest of the day doing some chores around the house…and sneaking in a quick nap.  It just felt good to close my eyes so I went with it!  I mean, that’s what Sundays are for, right!?  I hope your weekend was fun and you had a chance to relax and enjoy it!


Something to share:  Do you have snowy winter weather where you are?  What cold-weather activities do you like to do?  Do you have favorite protein bar?…Please share because I’m always looking for good ones!


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Morning, friends!

So, today, let’s talk food.  Like, dinners and lunches and stuff.  What have you been making lately?  It has been full-on cold weather over here…I mean, not like frigid temperatures every day with snow…but definitely cold enough.  With that weather comes soups.  They are my favorite things to make in the winter.  They are warm and toasty and stick to your ribs.  And delicious.


Except for the soup that I made this past weekend.  I found the recipe in a “Soup” magazine that my grandma had.  It was a vegetable soup with alphabet pasta.  I know.  So grown up, right?  Regardless, it seemed easy and fast and that’s what I was looking for.  I had a sick husband at home and I needed to get something in front of him fast.  You all know how sick husbands are.  I threw the ingredients in a pot, allowed it to simmer, and then did a taste test…OMG.  Yuck.  The soup had no flavor.  Like, none.  It tasted like I just threw veggies and pasta in water and warmed it up.  I took it upon myself to throw in some tomato sauce, salt and pepper.  It helped a little bit but not enough to make me serve it to anyone else other than myself.  Luckily, I had some chicken soup in the pantry to serve the hubs.  I would have hated to make him even more miserable by trying to make him eat the atrocity that was waiting on the stove.  However, I ate it…for dinner on Saturday and for lunch yesterday.  The sauce kind of saved it.  Kind of.  It’s just so bland.  I have about one more bowl left and I hate wasting food…so I’ll choke it down for one more day.  That’s just what I do.

Annnnyway…in addition to soups…winter calls for roasted vegetables.  Right?  They are filling, good for you, and delicious.  I promise that the recipe that I’m sharing with you today actually is delicious.  It is not the soup from this weekend.  If I decided to share that, I might as well just throw this blog in the garbage…which is probably where that soup should have gone!  But, don’t worry, this recipe is fast, easy, and yummy!



Shall we chat about Brussels sprouts for two seconds?  To make a long story short, I used to hate them and think they were scary…and, now I’m obsessed.  The end.  Oh, and this recipe is one of those recipes that you can’t even really call a recipe.  It is so quick to throw together and requires nothing other than a few simple ingredients.  I feel silly using the word recipe…but I did and I will continue to do so…okay?  So, let’s get to it.


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon


1 16-ounce package of Brussels sprouts

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

2-3 slices of turkey bacon (or regular bacon, if you choose), cut up into small chunks.


Preheat oven to 400.

Prep Brussels sprouts by cutting off bottom stems and slicing in half or quarters, depending on the size of the sprout.  You will lose some of the outer leaves while doing this and that’s okay!  Throw the sprouts chunks and loose leaves into a large bowl.  Drizzle Brussels sprouts with olive oil and season with salt and pepper (add more or less, depending on your taste.)

Cover a baking sheet with foil and spread the sprouts out, allowing them to lay in a single layer.  Place the cut pieces of bacon around the sprouts and throughout the baking sheet.

Roast for 15-20 minutes or until Brussels sprouts are tender and bacon is crisp.  Serve immediately.

Yield: 3-4 servings (depending on serving size)


Make this.  I promise there is more flavor than my water soup.


Something to share:  Share your favorite Brussels Sprouts or soup recipe!  Link up in the comments!  What was your last recipe fail?

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Just Because I’m Counting Calories…

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Monday.  I hope you had a fab weekend and have a lot of good stuff planned for the week!


So, I very rarely gripe or complain on this little blog because I like it to be a positive place, however, something has been bothering me for the past couple of weeks and I know I can always turn to you guys for support and an ear to listen!  I’m, also, hoping that some of you can relate.

{As a note: today, I’m talking about body image, calorie counting, and working out.  If you feel that this may trigger some difficult thoughts or feelings, please feel free to skip the post today and pop back tomorrow for brighter topics!  Our main goal should always be to feed our mind and soul with thoughts that bring positivity!}

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I’m using this year to get my body in the shape that I want and plan on using good nutrition and steady exercise to do so.  While I have always been ‘into’ working out and ‘watching’ what I eat, I have never had a food journal or watched calories.  I, truly, believe in moderation and that we should not deprive ourselves of any type of group of food because they all serve some purpose (even if that purpose is to satisfy a crying sweet tooth!)  With that being said, since I have decided to really crack down on making my body the best it can be, I have started logging my food using My Fitness Pal and have been using it as a means to monitor my meals and keep an eye on where my calories are coming from.  I also have a Jawbone UP and sync that with it to track my activity level during the and sleep patterns at night.  Also, I have been working harder on my abdominals…which is my main problem area.  I have a couple of ab workout plans that I’m following along with trying to increase my water intake and eat the best belly foods.  I have also amped up my cardio…because what good are strong abs if you can’t see them!?  Am I right!?

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Anyway…ever since I started on my new plan…this is all I hear…

“Why are counting calories!?  Are you trying to lose weight!?”
”You don’t have to lose weight!  You’re skinny enough!”
”Oh, you want to tone up your abs?  I don’t even see where you could lose a pound!”
“Why all of a sudden are you worried about what you’re eating!?  Are you okay?”
”I don’t know why you think you have to lose weight.  I would kill to look like you!”

Anyone else ever have to try to explain yourself to answer these remarks?

I have always been active and have always tried to eat well.  My family has always been the same and I am thankful that I grew up in a family that passed along good habits to me. I have been a Jazzercise instructor for almost eight years and have always had a great interest in my health.  What people don’t understand is that everyone struggles with body image and everyone mostly everyone has an issue with some part of their body…even people that most would deem as ‘perfect.’  You don’t have to be overweight to want to work on your body and make it better.  I know I am a healthy woman who is right in the correct weight range for my height and body type.  However, that doesn’t mean that I’m 100% happy with my body or that I don’t have areas that could use some work.

Just because I’m counting calories does not mean I have disordered eating or working out habits.

I know many people probably think they’re being nice by saying that someone doesn’t have to lose weight or that they look good the way they are…but, in my opinion, it just creates a situation in which that person has to defend themselves or explain why they are either watching what they eat or increasing workouts.  I do understand that there are difficult situations where calorie counting and working out can be taken to the extreme and any concern or help can be appreciated in times like those…however, I just want to stress to all the people that I have encountered lately that not every situation is like that.


Can’t a person just work on being the healthiest version of themselves?  Can’t someone use calorie counting as a way to make sure they are fueling their body properly?  Can’t someone add extra workouts in to target a problem area for them?

Geez, people!  What’s up with all the negative assumptions and judgment!?

I’m sorry about the gripe today…I guess I have just gotten tired of having to explain myself.  I have always watched what I’ve eaten and have worked out on a regular basis…now, I’m just writing it down and tailoring my workouts!

Okay, friends!  We’ll be back to regular light-hearted posts tomorrow!  Just had to get a few things off my chest and, now, I feel better!

{I have no affiliation with My Fitness Pal or Jawbone…they have no idea who I am!  I just use the products/apps and they work for me!}


Something to share:  Have you ever experienced judgment about your workouts or eating habits?  How did you handle it?  Do you keep a food journal or log your meals?  I never did but I’ve found that it can be so eye-opening!


Life According to Instagram

Good morning!  :)

How is your week going?  Mine seems to be going quickly…which isn’t a surprise since most of the days seem to go like that.  I have a full day of work ahead of me followed by two Jazzercise classes tonight.  One of our instructors fell sick so I am filling in for her tonight after I teach my class.  I’m excited because I used to teach the late class and am looking forward to seeing some of the regulars again!  It makes for a long day but the workout and the students make it worth it!

Anyway, today, we’re checking in on what’s been going on in my life through the wonderful world of Instagram.  Do you follow me over there?  I’d love if you would and I would definitely love to see what you’ve been up to over there, too!

**sushi for lunch makes me smile


**killer Turbo Fire workouts have been happening here


**lazy Sundays


**me + the hubs


**sleepy pups not wanted to go out in the cold


**grapefruit…all day, every day


**my new favorite workout shirt…shiny material for life


Enjoy your day, friends!


Something to share:  What has been taking up your Instagram world, lately?  What are you having for dinner this week?  I’m looking for some fresh ideas!

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Raising the Temperature

Hello, hello, friends!


How was your weekend?  Ours was chilly and snowy but it was good!  Lee was off all weekend and that is always a good thing the best thing since we very rarely get entire days off together.  Friday night, we exchanged gifts (finally!) with our neighbor BFFs, Donny and April, and had dinner together.  We just stayed in and got pizza and watched the guys play Wii golf.  April and I dubbed Friday nights “Wedding Fridays” because we always try to get together and watch shows like “Say Yes to the Dress.”  However, the boys made it “Golf Friday.”  They didn’t care how many times we mentioned that they were ruining “Wedding Friday.”  Regardless, we had fun, as always, and enjoyed our night together.

On Saturday, we met up with some of Lee’s family to watch his nephew play basketball and then we headed out for more golf.  Yes.  Golf in the dead of winter in Pennsylvania.  There is a sports bar close to our house that has a golf simulator and, after playing Friday night on the Wii, the guys decided it would be fun to give it a try.  Lee and our friends, Donny and Michael played while Michael’s girlfriend, Leslie, and I watched.  It was actually fun.  I even got up and took a few swings…ummm…and, let’s just say, I am a little rusty.  Apparently, Lee has plans for us to go and try it next week.  I’ll probably just embarrass myself, again, but, hey, I’m up for anything!  After golf, we met up with some of our other friends for drinks and dancing.  Somehow, my drinks always turn into dancing!

Sunday was super low key.  I visited my friend, Liz, for her daughter’s second birthday party and then spent the rest of the day bundled up on the couch.  It was perfect.

Over the weekend, I tried to keep up with my workouts.  I got some strength work in on both Saturday and Sunday and dove right back into my cardio yesterday.  Lee was still off so I asked him earlier in the day if he would wait for me to get home to so we could workout together.  He obliged and we headed out to our freezing cold garage after we ate dinner.

And…speaking of dinner…I threw together some tuna patties accompanied by cinnamon sweet potatoes and a quinoa/brown rice mix.  Lee was nervous about the tuna patties (of course) but they turned out great!  I had one stick to my pan and crumble into a messy heap, but I’m just going to take it to work tomorrow and pretend it’s just some type of tuna salad!


So…moving back to our workout…

…I have told you guys before that we have a gym upstairs in our garage.  The only problem is is that the garage isn’t heated so, sometimes, it’s even colder inside than it is outside!  Last night, was no exception.  We threw on clothes and headed out.  Lee wanted to lift and I decided to do the Turbo Fire Fire 45 workout.  When we got out there, the thermometer on the wall read 37 degrees. I guess we had a good workout because when I was almost finished, Lee looked and it was 38 degrees.  That’s right, we worked out enough to raise the temperature a degree!!  We raised it to a balmy 38!  I was fine as I was jumping around but, as soon as I was done, and started my final stretching, my body temperature started to drop and I did, in fact, realize, again, that it was cold!

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We got the heck out of there and I finished the rest of my workout in the house.  I am following a 30-day abs plan and wanted to get my reps in for the day…however, the dogs were confused as to why I was in their space on the floor.  Seriously…they’re going to have to realize that I might be invading their space in the living room until the weather is not freezing anymore.


This morning, I have my one-month eye exam appointment.  It is so hard to believe that my cataract surgery happened a month ago!  Tomorrow is the last day I have to use my eye drops.  It will be so weird to not use them…they have been a part of my day (4X a day) for the last five weeks.  I guess it will be nice to not have to worry about them anymore!  Fingers crossed that all goes well and my vision in still 20/20!

I’m not sure what I have on the agenda for my workout tonight.  Any suggestions?  What have you done or plan to do today?  Let me know!


Something to share:  What is your favorite workout when the weather gets cold?  Do you have a place to workout in your home or do you steal the living room for an hour or so?