The Big Holiday Decision

Hi friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Did anyone decorate their house for Christmas?  I know that was the plan for a few friends of mine but I am holding out.  I always wait until after Thanksgiving…so this upcoming Saturday and Sunday will be Christmas extravaganza time at our house!

The start of the holiday season also signifies that time of year when we get to spread cheer to all our family and friends.  Soon, our mailboxes will be flooded with Christmas cards and party invitations…I get excited to check our mail every day!  With that being said, I haven’t even picked our cards out, yet, so I guess I need to get on that!

I just asked Lee, this past weekend, what our plans were for our Christmas cards.  We normally do photo cards and I planned to do the same this year…I just like them too much!  It’s always fun to drag our pups with us somewhere and make someone try to get a photo of us…even though, after our little shoot is over, we end up with one picture that might work and 1,000 pictures that look like this


…someday, I’m just going to put one of these on our card.  We like to keep it real.

This year, I am turning to when the time comes to order our cards.  I love their products and the idea behind their company – they use designs from independent artists in an attempt to share their creativity so that they can gain exposure and build their businesses.  They, also, spread the love by donating a portion of their proceeds from works of art to Every Mother Counts, which is an organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.  Beautiful products to choose from and beautiful ways to support others; sounds like a win-win! has their new holiday collection out and they have some awesomely festive designs!  They have so many different ways to display your favorite photos, they have fun fonts, colors, and textures to choose from, they have unique card shapes, and, what I love the most, they have new foil-pressed accents that add some shine to your greetings!

Today, I want to share some of my favorites with you and, maybe, you guys can help me choose by letting me know which ones you like?  Because I’m, like, reeeeeally bad at making decisions.

Reindeer Love
Reindeer Love Holiday Cards

Pine Circle
Pine Circle Holiday Cards

Our Favorite Time
Our Favorite Time Holiday Photo Cards

Merry Christmas Happy Year
Merry Christmas Happy Year Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday Map
Holiday Map - East Coast Holiday Photo Cards

Modern Rustic
Modern Rustic Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

…and there are SO many more!  I know I’m going to have the hardest time deciding!

Also, offers art prints and gifts for the home and I have my eye on two foil-stamped art pieces that are from a collection called “Constellations.”  I would love to get the constellation prints for my sign and Lee’s sign and hang them in our bedroom!  They also offer stationary like business cards, thank you cards, notebooks, and planners.  I can’t say enough about the designs and the variety of products that you can find!  Check them out and make sure to pop in and see them on November 30 for a big Cyber Monday promotion!

I know I’ll be on their site, again, soon, so I can upload the one picture that we get out of the million we try to take with our pups for our Christmas card!


Disclaimer:  I was provided compensation in the form of a credit to for this post.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and choices of shared products are completely and entirely my own. 

Something to share:  Tell me which card you like the best from the ones I’ve chosen above!  Do you send out holiday cards?…do you go traditional or personalize with photos?

High Five Friday

Hello, hello!  Happy Friday, friends!

How was your week?  Did anyone have a tough one?  I hope not!  Surprisingly, this week at work went super fast and was void of any type of crisis, which is always good!  I just like to go into work, do my job, and leave…relatively unscathed.  It’s always my goal!

Every week, for High Five Friday, I like to share some randomness and spread some cheer throughout our little internet world.  That’s the whole point of it…to share good things from the week!  Today, I don’t know how much better it could get because I’m sharing some awesome recipes from some awesome bloggers that I plan to try in the next week or so!  And, I’ll probably throw in some other stuff, too…but, food is always most important, right!?

High 5 Friday Button

Five Recipes I’m Definitely Trying

1.  Thai Drunken Zucchini Noodles with Spicy Honey Chicken from Jessica
2.  Breakfast Pasta Bake from Lindsay
3.  Soft and Healthy Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies from Gina
4.  Red Lentil Soup from Courtney
5.  Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast from Tina (I’m making this tomorrow for my grandma’s birthday brunch!)  

Five Things I’m Obsessing Over 

1.  November – Not only is November my birthday month, it’s also my dad’s, my grandma’s, and two of my best friends’.  It’s a month full of celebration!  Oh yeah, and we also get to eat stuffing.
2.  Football – My family loves sports and there is nothing better than football games being on all weekend, all day!
3.  Farro – I have always loved barley and other grains but I have been using farro for everything!  I love it’s chewy texture!
4.  Killer Workouts – I have been loving the 21-Day Fix and how it kills my muscles!  I have, also, been working on making awesome Jazzercise classes for my students.  However, I’m not sure that they are loving them as much as I am!
5.  Hilarious greeting cards – Guys, I have an obsession with cards. I will stand in the card aisle and laugh to myself about funny greetings!  I’ll stand there like a creeper with a smile on my face because I’m cracking up on the inside!  I feel like such a freak but some of them are really funny!  Like this one…I don’t know what’s so funny about it I die every time I look at it!…


Please tell me some of you out there are with me and think it’s ridiculous and funny!

I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy your time and spread your smile!


Something to share:  Tell me a weird fact about yourself!  What are your plans for the weekend?