Hello “Life of Kell”

Hi friends!! 

Thank you for stopping by and, also, thank you to all of you who supported this little site, Laughter, Strength, and Food for five years!  It had its ups and downs and, since it was my first blog, will always have a special place in my heart!  With that being said, I felt like I needed to take things in a different direction.  I felt like things were a little stale and I was having a hard time finding the passion that I once had to write.  After some long and hard thought, I decided to make the jump and start fresh!  And, with that, I share with you…

The Life of Kell

…my new blog!  

I would love if you would hop over and check me out there!  I’ll be sharing recipes, workouts, and everyday happenings like I used to but will be throwing some other topics with a lot more emphasis on everyday life.  I am excited and hope you all enjoy it!  

Thank you for always being there and to visit me now, just click here!  


DIY Home Improvements

Good morning!

How has your week been so far?  I’m hoping that the first few days of the week have gone well for you!…going back to real life after a holiday is always tough!

I went back to work on Monday but, actually, had a scheduled day off on Tuesday and, by sheer coincidence, so did my mom!  Sooo…I did what any good daughter would do and roped her into helping me paint.  I mean, that’s what good daughters do, right?

I feel like I’ve been a painting maniac, lately, but, both my mom and I tend to get that way every few years.  We love color and we go through phases.  Right now, I am in a ‘lightening up’ phase.  In the past few weeks, I have said goodbye to my red dining room and my orange living room (I promise it didn’t look hideous!) and said hello to a nice light gray color in both rooms.  I added an aqua-ish accent wall in my living room, which I was totally unsure about, but, after it was completed, I fell in love with it.


When I met my husband, he already owned this house so it, obviously, made sense for me just to move in with him.  I didn’t have a problem with that and the house is, actually, really cute!  However, the walls were all white and space was definitely a problem.  We have one closet.  Yep.  I said it.  ONE closet.  Storage is definitely an issue but, fortunately, we have a finished garage that is almost the size of our house so we really can’t beat that.  During the past few months, we have had discussions on how we want to proceed with our future…either move to a larger house or see if we can add on to ours.  After much consideration, we have decided to see if can add on because of our location, our garage, and our amazing neighbors.  We love where we are and knew we would not be able to find something comparable.  So, this year, we plan on bringing in the necessary people to take a look at our house and tell us if it’s even possible to add on and, if it is, how we should proceed.  We are really excited!


In the meantime, I am sprucing up the house that we have now.  We will, obviously, have to do some remodeling of our current house if we do an addition so I’m just doing small cosmetic changes that include painting, getting new trim on our windows, and throwing some tile down in the kitchen.  I figure that any work will be beneficial even if it’s impossible to add on and we end up putting our house on the market (which we’re hoping isn’t going to happen!).

With that being said, today, I’ll share some projects that I’ve done or have been working on lately…

**Changing the dining room from red to gray…


**Changing the living room from orange to gray/aqua…


**Taking our bottom kitchen cabinets from grayish-tan back to white…


**Repainting our inner window trim, sills, and baseboards white…


**New square rug for our dining room…and this might be my favorite because we have a square dining room table and rectangular or circular rugs (which is all I can ever find) don’t make me feel good about the space.  Thank you, Wayfair, for selling square rugs!



So…I know it will be a long process but if I keep plugging away room by room, I know it will be worth it!  I’ll continue to share the projects that I have going on around here and, also, share some fun furniture that I’m revamping!

I hope you have a beautiful day!


Something to share:  Are you a DIY’er?  Have you worked on any home improvement projects, lately?  What color are the walls in your house…do you love color or are you more of a neutral person?