Before the Storm Rolled In

Hello, hello!  Happy Wednesday!

We woke up to another cloudy and dreary morning here in PA.  Not surprising at all.  At this point, we’re all just happy to maybe see the sun for about five minutes each day.  It has been the rainiest summer EVER!  I know I mention it in every post but it’s, seriously, been insane…and it’s impossible to make plans because rain is always on the horizon.  Oh well…weather is one thing that we can’t do anything about…we just have to live with it.  I’m doing my best to just roll with the punches and enjoy all the rain my new transplanted tree and flowers are getting.  I’m trying to look on the bright side!

Yesterday, I had a plan to, maybe, get a run in before I left for work.  We start a little bit later on Tuesdays and I have the time to get, at least, an hour workout in.  I set out my clothes the night before but, when my alarm went off, I knew it wasn’t happening.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  And, it was raining, of course.  I had no plans after work so I figured I could just get my run in then.  I had six miles on my agenda and had hopes that the humidity and high temps would be kept at bay so I wouldn’t die while I was doing them!


The closer we got to closing time at work, the more patients were coming in and talking about the ‘storm that was rolling in.’  We have natural skylights outside in our hallway so we can see natural light but we can, rarely, see what it’s actually doing outside.  It didn’t look cloudy or dark so I was just crossing my fingers that this storm would hold off long enough for me to run.  As soon as our last patient left, I hopped in my car and raced home.  While I don’t mind running in a little misty rain, the storm they were calling for was pretty bad so I knew I didn’t want to get caught in it.

I got home, said hi to our pups and Lee, and ran upstairs to throw my clothes on.  I was on a mission!  Lee was on the phone with someone from work so I motioned to him that I was going out for a run, held up six fingers so he knew about how long I would be gone and ran out the door.  I started out pretty fast and just hoped I could get in at least four or five miles before it rained.  The conditions were pretty nice…it was humid but cloudy enough to keep that air a little cool.


When I was on mile 4, I came around a corner and saw another runner down the road…and it was Lee!  He wanted to run, too, and headed out after I did and planned on just meeting up with me when I saw me.  I was happy to have a partner for my last couple of miles!  We finished strong and I got all six miles in before it rained!  And, I felt amazing my entire run!  I probably could have done more but Lee was finished and I was hungry so we did some cool down work and headed inside for dinner.


I threw on some quesadillas for the hubs and I made myself a chicken and spinach salad.  It was huge and perfectly filling!


My plans for today include a strength workout so, thankfully, the rainy weather can’t ruin that!  I’ll be sweating it out in our gym!

Have a beautiful day, friends!  We’re half way through the week!


Something to share:  Do you mind running in the rain?  Do you have a favorite strength workout? Share it in the comments if you do!